How To Automate Your Dropshipping Business – 2021 Guide 

Automation is the key to making money online. Several online businesses have turned to Dropshipping as a popular way of conducting business. In addition, it also allows your business to grow.

Introduction to Automated Dropshipping

The automation of dropshipping is the process in which technology is used to simplify tasks that humans typically carry out in running a Dropshipping business. By removing mundane or boring tasks, business owners can concentrate on the most important aspects of running their business, which are marketing and customer service.

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Earn money via Dropshipping

In the past decade, Dropshipping has rapidly gained popularity, providing people the opportunity to make their own money from home without a huge initial investment. Because of the simplicity of the business model, this has become the primary source of income for many online entrepreneurs.

Facts about Dropshipping

  1. It is important to note that Dropshipping does not require you to have any inventory to begin selling your products online. With no inventory required, it is easy and appealing to dropship.
  2. E-commerce websites that use drop shipping earn all of their revenue from third-party suppliers and manufacturers, so there are no expenses on your part until you get a customer placing an order and paying for your product.
  3. If a sale is made, the buyer’s funds go towards the purchase of the item from your supplier, who will then ship it directly to your customer. This will help you cut down operational costs, while freeing you up to handle customer service and scale your business further.

Automated Dropshipping Needs

Dropshipping is a good way to promote your business to the world. The following are a few aspects of Automated Dropshipping.


Your time is valuable and it is not refundable. There is a certain amount of effort required to get the business up and running, but once that happens, there is no reason for you to be working alone every day. Therefore, you can let technology handle your day-to-day tasks such as importing products into the E-commerce system, optimizing your store, fulfilling orders and sending tracking updates to your customers, and even handling returns and cancellations.


You can scale your business quickly with automated drop shipping while saving money at the same time. Profits can be managed so that your business can grow. There might come a time when your business becomes too big and hiring employees would be necessary, but automating your business can allow you to delay that day. You may need automatic drop shipping if you run an E-commerce store.

How Can Drop-shipping Businesses be Automated

Add products to your store 

Adding products to your online store is the first step in running an E-commerce business and is crucial for its success. Providing this information on a timely basis could be challenging. Dropshipping involves authorizing the item and its title, product description, and sometimes images. Then, arranging the whole thing to make it profitable.

Tools to import

The Drop-shipping apps include importing tools like basic product importers that you can paste in your items URLs for an automatic grab of the details you need. That saves you a lot of time by allowing you to bulk import multiple products at once, or through CSV files, scheduled imports that allow you to specify this time and date for when they should be added, so you don’t have to be available that time.

Safety monitoring of products 

Monitoring systems help you keep a check on whether there are any price changes or stock changes for your suppliers’ products, which can keep you out of trouble. You lose sales and profits if you send an order for a product that is no longer available.

If a price is unavailable

Then you either need to cancel the customer’s order or have a sale at a loss if the price has gone up and it is no longer profitable. Your customers will not only have an adverse impression, but your brand will be seriously damaged. This is particularly true for beginners.

Monitoring aspects of Drop-shipping

In order to assure safety for Drop shipping businesses, third-party platforms have begun to prioritize the needs of the aspect.No matter which drop shipping app you decide to use and connect your store to, the app’s monitoring system will scan and track price and stock changes of your products and automatically update those changes to your store in order to avoid those problems.

Automation of Order Fulfillment

Getting your store off the ground is the hardest part. Processing orders manually is a time-consuming task that will frustrate you in the long run. Filling paper forms and switching between suppliers’ pages and your orders becomes tedious. You will save so much time and improve your store marketing by having an easy one-click order option , and you can focus more time finding new products to sell or improving your store marketing strategies.

Updates on tracking numbers

Sellers must be assured that their customers are satisfied before the product is even delivered. Customers must first wait for their purchased item to arrive in the mail. They can’t immediately enjoy their item as when shopping in-store. Fast tracking is crucial to building a good reputation as a business and attracting returning customers.

Virtual assistant hiring 

Employees of virtual assistants are self-employed individuals focused on providing clients with administrative support during the course of the day. It is more common for them to work from home than from your workplace.

Advantages of hiring Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants have several advantages over employees in-person.

  • First of all, you can reach a significant number of candidates because they are sitting anywhere with a solid internet connection.
  • Secondly, it is more feasible to hire individuals from nations with low wages than it would be to hire them in a nation with high wages.
  • The third benefit is that you can only hire them for what you require. This may be a contract or a one-time task.

Drop shipping virtual assistant

Among the tasks that they can do for Drop shipping businesses are data entry, order fulfillment, and customer service. A virtual assistant will play a vital role in customer service for your customers since there are such advanced automation tools now available.

Suppliers of Drop shipping

It is possible to get Drop ship from many suppliers but we advise you to employ a price and stock monitoring system. A good importing solution is crucial to automating your orders. Additionally, when choosing a supplier for your app, it is extremely important to look at the products you plan to buy.

Remove background from image 

Not all photos need to be taken with a transparent background. On the other hand, maybe you don’t want your images being reverse searched for you on your website. The easiest way to create a clean look with photos is by manually removing the background with Photoshop.

Automating Dropshipping Types 

Automating your Drop-shipping business is possible at every phase. Various types of automation can be employed to make processes more efficient.

Import Products

Automation lets you import products to your store through a platform. By using automation, you can use one-click import products into your store, including all of the relevant information and images, rather than manually copy the product information into your store.

Prices for products

The store price can be automatically set to be the product price multiplied by the store price, ensuring that your margins are consistent across all products.

Research on Products

Conducting product research is one of the hardest things to do when you’re running a Drop-shipping business. There is no way to fully automate this process, but using a few tools you can make it go more smoothly and faster.

Customer places orders

Automations like this are very helpful in a Drop-shipping business. The customer will see that each time an item is purchased from your store, it will be automatically attached to an order to your supplier. There is no need for you to implement anything. Most suppliers have their own API for this service.

Email Marketing

Drop-shipping businesses need to implement this automation. The easiest way to start is to create customized notification emails, such as order and shipping confirmations. It is also possible to generate automated emails that will go to customers who have added items to their cart but haven’t checked out. Furthermore, you can automate email marketing campaigns to your existing clients or subscribers using a variety of software.

Online Media

As a Drop-shipper, you are building an audience around your brand by living on social media. Aside from managing your social media, you have a full-time job to handle. Due to your limited time, you should automate aspects of your social media. A few of the tools you can use to do this are Hootsuite and Buffer.

Services to Customers

Automating customer service with chatbots is another way of automating your store. This is only possible if you own your website. During your business’s growth phase, you may want to consider automating all customer service. Nevertheless, real people are still required to serve your customers, but all customer interactions will happen in a user-friendly dashboard.

AliExpress Dropshipping Automation

Drop shipping experts agree that automating the process will reduce the time and effort spent on distributing a product.With drop shipping’s high-speed nature, it’s best done at a big scale in order to maximize profits. Automating drop shipping will help you scale your e-commerce business faster. Even better, you will actually cut costs when you automate drop shipping.

Automate tracking of orders

Observe how the tracking information is processed during the ordering process. Is it automatically sent to the customer. The supplier will send the tracking information to you as soon as the shipment leaves the vendor’s location if they are a competent one. Automation software makes it easy for the customer to receive this information directly.

Automate your email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to keep your customers coming back. This involves sending an email series to all the people in your email list. You can design your email to fit the occasion with the needs of your business exactly.

Simple method for utilizing

You can use email for any type of email-based marketing. Automating this process is an easy way to utilize your existing customer base. It also does not require any investment in marketing or advertising.

Utilize the Inventory method

Being a Drop shipper has a number of advantages, including the fact that nobody needs to hold inventory themselves. You must also ensure two things. One, there is actual inventory available and second is that you must be certain what that inventory is.

System for drop-shipping

A Drop shipping system can be used to manage your Drop

shipping inventory. A feature that would be ideal is a way for you to directly monitor inventory levels with your suppliers. This would open the door to showing unavailable products as out-of-stock in your online store.

Saving time

The automated management of your inventory protects you from overshopping. In addition, your seller rating will also be high as you won’t have to sell products you do not have. Finally, it saves you a lot of wasted time.

Send orders directly to the supplier

Drop shipping eliminates the hassle of handling shipping yourself. The orders must be given to your supplier for fulfillment, so if you are serious about your business, you might be selling hundreds of items every day.

Drop-shipping Automation Software 

E-commerce retailers who use drop ship automation software can greatly simplify, managing and automating their drop ship orders. These types of software save online retailers precious time and money by taking care of the technical aspects of automating their processes and running their drop ships.

Automated Drop-shipping on Amazon

On the Amazon Drop shipping platform, you can simplify your business. You can list your products and manage your inventory, route your orders, sell more, and simplify your business.

People Might Ask  

Can dropshipping be automated?

Yes, you can automate dropshipping and your marketing efforts as well by focusing on the kinds of tasks you’re good at and letting technology do the rest.

Which dropshipping business is most profitable?

Wardrobe and accessories are the top-performing dropshipping product for 2021.

How legal is Dropshipping?

The process of dropshipping is legal since it is a sort of fulfillment order that allows your company to avoid stocking inventory as the distributor delivers the product directly to your customers.

How profitable is a Dropship business?

The amount of E-Commerce activity taking place around the world in 2021 indicates that Dropshipping is still profitable. It is not only profitable but thriving! E-commerce and dropshipping profits have reached over $4 billion, a 7 percent increase year on year for the last ten years.

Final Words

Automation can make your life easier so that you can spend less time on customer service and more time on marketing. Taking your efforts to automate tasks instead of manual ones will enable your business to grow faster. Getting your Dropshipping to work automatically is possible, and you can use it to leverage your marketing efforts. You will be able to run a successful business on your own if you focus on the kind of work you are best at and automate the rest.