How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos In 2021

Are you looking for a way to make money on YouTube without making your own videos or showing your face? Well, no worries, in this article, we are going to teach you a perfect method to make money on YouTube without making your own videos.

For many of us, it’s hard to generate regular YouTube content for a channel. There could be many more reasons like equipment, time & skills. Another issue that people encounter is that you need 1000 followers & 400 hours of content watched to get started with making money. But what if we assist you that you can start monetizing a channel within a month without making videos.

Let’s get started!

Find a niche

Before getting started with your channel, you need a find a topic or niche. This could be of interest in something you like to talk about, like your favorite sports. So if you do a video compilation later, you know where and what stuff you need to include in your content.

Compilation Videos

You’ll be earning money on YouTube by compiling/posting videos.  In simple words, all you need is to make a video on particular niches (gaming, funny, clips, top 10, music, etc.) & post them regularly on YouTube.

Compilation videos are famous on YouTube & they get a lot of likes & views. If you make quality content & upload it regularly, you’ll be discovered & start to earn some good money. If your channel gets good engagement, people might pay you to add their video clips to your compilation videos. In this way, you could also make money other than YouTube ads displayed on your videos.

Use Creative common videos.

We are going to explain the creative common video concept. A common creative license is one of the copyright licenses that permit copyrighted work. Moreover, this creative common (CC) indicates that you can use videos published on YouTube under a (CC) license for your videos.

Searching videos with a Creative standard license is straightforward. After selecting your niche, go to YouTube and search for relevant topics or terms


you want to make content about. If you are lucky enough, you could copyright-free videos that you could use to create or edit your videos.

Start Video Editing

For video editing, you need good video editing software & you’re only going to be doing some necessary edits (you’re only going to paste & cut your video clips). With a video editing tool, you have to make sure that you’ll hook people & grab their attention, give people a reason to watch your video & tell them what to expect from your video right from the start.


Make a Brand

On YouTube, you have the opportunity to broadcast yourself, your personality, passions & interests.  The videos you generate will off course, cover these things & in doing so, you can create a brand for your channel that your online traffic will recognize, your channel brand is the set of unique characteristics that differentiate your channel from the rest & communicates your message & content strategy.

Optimize your Videos

Now you need to understand what brings your money on YouTube & it relies on your click-through rate & your watch time. So we’ll leave you with some tips on how to optimize your videos:

  • Try to create catchy titles.
  • Create engaging thumbnails
  • Edit your videos
  • Be consistent

Monetize Content

Building your audience puts you in an ideal position to monetize content in multiple ways. But you’ll only be able to take good advantage of the opportunities you have if you understand your targeted audience.

You’ll have to pay attention to:

  • The gender of your audience.
  • The age range of your audience.
  • The geographic location (cities or countries where your videos are being watched)
  • Watch the time your channel is getting.

How much money YouTubers can make in 2021

As far as quality work & consistency is concerned, anyone can find success on YouTube. The only question is how much money YouTubers can make? There is no straightforward answer because it relies on many key factors such as video views & subscriber base, income streams, ad revenue, sponsorship deals & merchandise sales.

In simple words, how much money you can make on YouTube depends on your channel itself, your location & how much time you are willing to invest in it. On average, note YouTube monetization for 1000 views ranges from 0.5 to 6 USD based on the targeted audience & viewers’ location.

Advantages of making money on YouTube without making videos 

  • You can earn a full-time income.
  • Perform everything via cell phone.
  • Don’t require any special equipment to get started.
  • You can earn some big profits without having to show up on camera or sell anything. 

Bottom Line

In the early years of YouTube, it was relatively easier to succeed as there was lesser competition. These days it is not so easy for creators to get easy success. You need to do something unique and create quality content on the platform to get long-term success. 

As long as you’re creative, you don’t have to bind yourself to what everyone else is doing. So if you’ve been worrying about how to make money on YouTube without making videos, we expect some of these ideas to help get the ball rolling.  What are you waiting for? Create your unique videos & earn some good money from this platform. 


How to earn money on YouTube without making videos?

If you want to earn money on YouTube without making videos or as a content creator, you can create compilation videos. Moreover, you can apply for monetization once you’ve hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the past year.