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The gaming industry is progressing, and advanced games are being released from time to time. Besides playing games, people also like to watch videos of games being played by other people.

As we move into the year 2021, there are hundreds of gaming channels on YouTube, creating content on various topics related to games. There is a huge community with dedicated fans. From gaming walkthroughs to showing interesting Easter eggs, there is everything on the platform!

If you plan to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021, this might be the perfect time for you! 

This guide will discuss everything you need to know to start a successful YouTube gaming channel in 2021. 

Is it a good idea to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021?

People tend to delay: tomorrow, next week, and next month and before you know it, you have blown out an extra birthday candle. We are here to advise you to start your YouTube gaming channel now. Not next week or next month.

Although the YouTube gaming market is saturated, there is still a huge potential. If you focus on research, quality, and be consistent in uploading, you could grow your channel in no time.

Find out what other YouTube gaming channels are doing & learn from them. See what they are doing well and how you could create something different and unique. 

Pick Your Niche

Video gaming is famous very famous.  The level of delight conjured by videogame love is matchless & it is growing day by day. People are enjoying video games everywhere & with various gadgets, according to their preferences.

There are gaming lovers who solely enjoy playing video games and want to get key tips from YouTube gaming channels.

If you want to make some good money by playing video games, then the gaming niche is a perfect choice. 

Content Types & Ideas

Before getting started with creating a channel and uploading videos, you need to research what could do well for you. The gaming market is enormous, and you could choose the subject of your channel after proper research. 

YouTube gaming channel can be defined explicitly as any channel that covers gaming, but that’s a bit too general to describe it. YouTube gaming channels could contain all kinds of different things. 

Some create gaminginspired skits, emphasize in-game commentaries, and others go indepth with criticism & analysis. 

Mostly YouTube gaming channels can fit into one of the following categories:

  • Gaming Live Streaming Channels.
  • Walkthroughs Gaming Channels.
  • Commentary Channels.
  •  A comedy about gaming channels.
  • Informational Gaming channels.
  • A Tutorial/raw gameplay channels.

To stay relevant in the YouTube gaming niche, you will need to create quality content regularly. The youtube algorithm prefers consistent uploads as it also helps your audience to stay connected to your channel.

If you are starting your channel and looking for video ideas. You could read our detailed guide on YouTube gaming channel video ideas here (Link)

YouTube Gaming Channel Name Ideas

Be creative about selecting a name. If you have a good gaming channel name, it will be much easier for viewers to remember it and recommend it to others. Moreover, if you sit down & start trying to come up with good name ideas, you may find it not as easy as you think it might be. 

Following are the few things to keep in mind while selecting a name for your channel:

  • Know the image you want to draw.
  • Stay relevant to your gaming niche.
  • Get a feel for your audience.
  • Keep your gaming channel name short.
  • Try to make your channel name unique.

YouTube Gaming Channel Designs (Cover, Logo, Thumbnails)

The first thing viewers will see when they open your gaming channel is your YouTube cover. You can put a great impression with an engaging, eye-catchy channel cover. Let users know what your gaming channel is all about and why they should subscribe to your channel.

Plus, you can boost up your YouTube gaming channel with some eye-catchy art & video thumbnails. Try to design new visuals for your channel that will impress your viewers and subscribers. 

A considerable percentage of viewers use mobile phones to watch YouTube videos. Make sure your designs are well optimized for mobile screens. Keep updating your video thumbnails and channel art from time to time. 

Gaming Channel Equipment

To start generating quality content, you’ll have to invest in some necessary equipment. 

If you want to start a YouTube gaming channel, you might need to play the latest video games, requiring proper hardware requirements to run smoothly. For this reason, you might need to invest in a gaming PC or could buy a gaming console such as Play Station or Xbox.

Video Recording Camera

To start a gaming YouTube channel, you’ll need a good video camera. It doesn’t need to be a $5,000 DLSR camera. You could check out different types of cameras online and could select the one that is in your budget.

Screen capture software

In addition to the camera that shows you while you commentate, you’ll also require screen capturing software to display the game you’re playing. Screen recording software records gameplay in high-quality that you could edit later to create your videos. You could also use the software to do live streams on your channel. 


Clear, and quality sound is also vital to make sure that your viewers could hear you well. Investing in a durable and reliable microphone, whether it’s a gaming headset or a professional recording mic, is a much-needed gadget for you if you plan on commenting on your videos. 


High-quality lighting can create a difference between amateur & professional-looking footage. Recording in a space with natural light or using a light directed at you will make you look and present yourself better.

Video Editing software

Video editing is a crucial factor that could set you apart from your competitors. Viewers of all kinds will watch your video. You will need to make sure that they are engaged in your videos.

If the video contains “ahs, ums, & long pauses, viewers might find this annoying. Sometimes it takes nearly twice as long to edit a video as it does to record it. So make sure you are good at editing your videos. 

YouTube gaming channel Earnings

The earnings you could get from a YouTube gaming channel are highly subjective. Many factors will decide how much money you could make from the channel. It includes things like the type of gaming content you create, the number of views, and the region from which people watch your content.

There are multiple ways to earn money with your gaming channel. The first and most popular one is by YouTube monetization program. Other ways of making money include brand sponsors or selling your customized merchandise,

YouTube Gaming Channels for Inspiration

In this technological YouTube world, there are ups and downs that both new & seasoned YouTubers experience & sometimes, a little inspiration and encouragement helps.

Although there are hundreds of successful YouTube gaming channels, the following channels are the successful ones in terms of overall views and popularity in the last decade. 

  • Pewdiepie
  • Vanosgaming
  • Markiplier
  • Ninja
  • Jacksepticye
  • DanTDM
  • KSI
  • SSSniperwolf
  • W2S
  • Syndicate

Trending games you could play:









Selecting a game and what type of videos you want to create is one of the crucial and initial steps for your channel. Some games are just single-person games that you could play alone. 

If you like to play games with friends, you could play multiplayer online games. Your viewers will enjoy your causal and funny discussion with your teammates. 

If you have built a gaming community around your channel, you could arrange competitions for your viewers and subscribers. You could even play with them on live streams. Your audience will surely love this and will connect to your channel.

Following is a list of games mostly searched on YouTube to watch for fun or walkthroughs. You could make videos related to these games if you are starting in 2021.  

  • Garena Free Fire
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Valiant

What do you need to start a YouTube gaming channel?

Suppose you have decided to create a gaming channel on YouTube. First of all, you will need a platform such as a Gaming PC or Gaming console. 

Other essential equipment includes:

  • Video Camera
  • Best microphone
  • Lighting tools
  • Video Editing Software

To learn more about YouTube gaming channel equipment, read our detailed guide here. (Link)

How to start a successful YouTube Gaming Channel

We are going to highlight some key elements you need to start a successful YouTube gaming channel.

Starting a gaming channel will mean that you will be a small fish in a big ocean in today’s world. The amount of gaming content on YouTube is tremendous & to stand out; you will need three things:

  • Consistency: Make sure that you keep uploading content regularly. This will keep your audience intact and will improve your overall channel stats. 
  • Patience: There is no overnight success. You will need to work hard with patience to get the desired results. 
  • Creativity: Be creative, brainstorm ideas, and create something unique and innovative to stand ahead of your competitors. 

Following are some tips for you to start a successful YouTube Gaming Channel:

  • Start with a purpose and goal.
  • Be enthusiastic and passionate about your work. 
  • Be creative and create your own identity. 
  • Take inspiration from fellow content creators but create original content.
  • Engage your audience with exciting questions and humor.
  • Create optimized titles and tags for your videos for good search engine visibility.
  • Focus on designs, such as channel cover art, thumbnails, etc.
  • Interact with fellow YouTubers and create collab videos.


Is it worth starting a YouTube gaming channel?

Yes, it is worth starting a YouTube gaming channel. You could do both; follow your passion and interest and could create a good income source for you.

 What equipment do you need to start a YouTube Gaming Channel?

The equipment you need to start a YouTube gaming channel includes:

  • PC or gaming console (Gaming PC, Xbox, PlayStation)
  • Audio recording device 
  • Video recording device 
  • Video Editing software
  • Good Lighting equipment

How do you start a gaming channel on YouTube?

To start a gaming YouTube channel, follow these basic steps:

  • Find your Niche, voice, and target categories.
  • Find relevant tools, like audio, video gadgets, and live streaming software for recordings.
  • Create your YouTube channel and start posting your videos
  • Advertise/promote your gaming videos

Is it worth starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2021?

Yes, it is still worth it to start a YouTube gaming channel, and it isn’t too late to do so in 2021. Getting paid to play videogames was something your friends & family could have chuckled at about years ago. But now, you could make a fair amount of money if you have a successful YouTube gaming channel.

How much does it cost to start a gaming YouTube channel?

Creating a gaming channel on YouTube is free for everyone. But to create quality content, you need good quality equipment. As far as cost is concerned, $200-$500 might be enough to start your channel. (Subjective to the type of equipment and quality you prefer).

What equipment do you need to start a YouTube gaming channel?

It would be best if you had the following equipment to start a gaming channel:

  • PC or gaming console (Xbox, PlayStation)
  • Audio recording device Video recording device 
  • Video Editing software
  • Good Lighting equipment (Optional)

How to start a YouTube gaming channel for free?

You can create your YouTube channel easily without any investment. However, you will need to invest in gaming platforms (Gaming PC or Consoles) and other equipment to create quality videos for your channel.  

This was our detailed guide to help you start a YouTube gaming channel. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!