Life Hacks for YouTube Channels Niche: A popular niche idea to consider

Life Hacks for Youtube Channels

People love YouTube, this one of the most loved social media platforms was launched in 2005. Since then, YouTube has taken the world by storm. Even the numbers now have become astounding. Because about 1.3 billion people have created their YouTube accounts approximately till now. About 30 million of these are visiting YouTube daily. 

Surprisingly, YouTube has made it easier for people to make great money from home. Plenty of people are now earning money from YouTube, and they proudly say they are YouTubers. Because YouTube has grown from a site for aspiring filmmakers to the most popular video streaming platform on the planet. 

People are trying to make more through their YouTube channels. However, when it comes to creating a successful YouTube channel, looking for a profitable niche is important. 

Life Hacks: A popular YouTube niche idea for you to consider:

Given the huge number of videos being posted on YouTube daily, people might have thought that the possibility of launching a new successful YouTube channel would be remote. But in reality, having a good niche idea and thorough information about the niche can make it possible for you to launch a successful YouTube channel.  Best Way to Life Hacks for Youtube Channels.

The best way to run a successful YouTube channel is to find your niche and then move forward accordingly. 

Life Hacks is one of the most amazing niches you can consider for your YouTube channel. This niche is popular for multiple reasons. 

  • However, one of the most major reasons is that people love to find new ways to save their time and money while doing anything in their lives. Therefore, the demand for life hacks on YouTube is never going to be fade soon. 
  • You can use this type of channel to offer proven life hacks as well. This will ultimately help you to grow your channel in a more effective way with ease. 
  • Life Hacks can be seen for hours without getting bored. Therefore, more and more people prefer to watch these kinds of videos. 

Overall, the idea of making life easier with simple tips is certainly attractive for everyone out there. Therefore, you can easily consider life hacks as one of the preferable niches for your YouTube channel that you want to grow. 

How to monetize your Lifehacks channel to make money?


Life Hacks niche can also help you to make money with ease. Here is how you can monetize your YouTube channel based on Life Hacks to earn more

  • AdSense

While AdSense can definitely be a great point to start making money with the lifehacks based YouTube channel. YouTube is offering its special partnership program through which you can monetize your YouTube videos via ads. Life Hacks Youtube Channels To Follow is here.

You can get your payment via an AdSense account. Go to the Creator Studio section of your channel to become a YouTube partner. AdSense is meant to display targeted ads on different mediums including YouTube videos.

As a content creator, you can display these ads in your video content and get paid in return as per the number of views on your YouTube channel. 

Also, watch this video about youtube monetization: About Youtube Monetization.

Why are life hacks videos best to consider for your YouTube channel?

There are many reasons why you should consider making a YouTube channel focused on lifehacks niche. Do you want to know some of the most important reasons? Let’s have a look at the information given below to get a better idea about the things in this regard:

Lifehack videos are entertaining 

Lifehack videos are usually the type of videos on which people can easily spend minutes to hours. People love to appreciate the minor things that can bring big changes to their lives. Whether it is about cooking hacks or general life hacks, all of these can offer viewers a perfect piece of entertainment to enjoy for long hours. the best Method to Life Hacks for Youtube Channels.

These are amazingly informative 

People consider life hacks as one of the most favorite kinds of videos on YouTube. They can watch them for hours, not only to get rid of their boredom but also because they know that they will learn something that will help them in a few days or weeks quite possibly. 

People are getting more interested in these videos because these can help them learn multiple things about their regular life that can be better in this quick-fix society. 

Lifehack videos are addictive 

These videos are highly addictive. You can keep watching and watching them with ease. This is mainly because these videos usually contain fewer talks and more demonstrations of valuable hacks that will help you at some time in your life. 

Well, there can be various other reasons as well for people to watch these videos. But the above-mentioned reasons are the most common ones to consider in this regard. 

Top YouTube channels in lifehacks niche you must follow in 2021

Numerous channels are based on the life hacks niche. However, here we have enlisted some of the top names among those you must consider following in 2021. 

  • 5-minutes crafts

You can never deny the success of the 5-minute crafts YouTube channel.  The channel contains life hacks for almost any possible situation in life and attracts millions of viewers regularly. This channel contains more than 67.5 million subscribers with more than 19 billion overall views. 

Most amazingly, the life hacks shown in the videos of 5-minute crafts are interesting, easier to follow, and practical.

  • Blossom 

Blossom is another inspiration for the life hacks niche. The channel has above 12 million subscribers with more than 3 billion overall channel views. the best Trick for Life Hacks for Youtube Channels and get views.


  • Crafty Panda 

This is another best YouTube channel for lifehacks containing more than 12.9 million subscribers. The videos here are based on life hacks but in a pretty unique way. The channel contains videos based on humorous situations that are saved by some practical yet crazy hacks. 

  • NDA Hack

This is another amazing YouTube channel for hacks. It has more than 1.7 million subscribers with overall 252.3 million views. 

Amazingly, the channel has grown 211.6k daily views in September to more than 334k at present. It has experienced an amazing audience growth rate of 58% up in the last 3 months. 

Following these channels will certainly help you in multiple ways. You will be able to get more content ideas for your channel and see what’s trending the most currently. Even more, these channels’ statistics are also enough to prove that this niche has a great potential for you to grow. 

So, subscribe to these channels and follow them to make the most out of them for your own benefits with ease. 

Tips to make your lifehacks videos more attractive and compelling 

Here are some of the most important tips that you must consider while making your life hacks videos:

1. You can choose a sub-niche to be more focused on content 

There are multiple ways you can start a successful YouTube channel with this niche idea. You can either make a start with general life hacks or choose a sub-niche to make your videos more specific and focused. Some of the most common sub-niches that you can consider for your lifehacks channel can be:

  • Kitchen hacks
  • Cleaning hacks
  • Makeup hacks
  • Garden hacks
  • Household hacks
  • And much more. 

2. Add “number” in the title of your video to catch more views 

When you upload your videos based on life hacks niche, it is always better to add a number in its title. Because this will help you more in grabbing the attention of viewers with ease. 

Here are some examples of life hacks’ videos titles that you can consider:

  • Top 10 eyeliner hacks you must know 
  • 12 uncommon uses of baking soda 
  • 8 handy everyday hacks
  • 12 awesome life hacks you should try

Consider these examples and try to create titles of your life hacks videos accordingly to make them more attention-grabbing. 

3. Avoid making longer videos 

One of the most important things you should consider while making your life hack videos for YouTube is your video timing. Commonly, life hacks videos are not hours long. 

Even though you can easily and quickly make a list of 101 life hacks for your channel, this will be pretty hard to remember for your viewer and can get too boring after a certain time period. 

Instead of making longer life hacks videos, it will be more effective to create a series. This will help you to break down your list into 5 to 10 hacks. And ultimately, it will become easier for you to cover these life hacks in a video of 3 to 4 minutes. 

4. Keep the content of your lifehack videos interesting 

Whenever it comes to create a successful YouTube channel, your content plays a critical role in making it grow over time. The same phenomenon goes to the Life Hack’s niche. It is essential to create content that can compel more and more viewers with ease. 

Make sure to bring ideas that are uncommon yet interesting and can be useful for people in their everyday lives with ease. This will develop more interest, and consequently, you will be able to grow more effectively. 

Keeping your videos short and to the point is important to make them interesting for your viewers because people at present have a shorter attention span. It is the best way to Life Hacks for Youtube Channels for more views.

5. Make sure to use proven lifehacks in your videos 

Do you want to position yourself as a trustworthy Youtuber? Well, this is certainly important to achieve your YouTube goals in the long run. However, you can achieve this by winning the trust and hearts of your viewers. 

For this, it is highly recommended to consider posting life hacks that are proven, practical and effective. Grabbing anything to add to your video content will never work for you.  

6. Concentrate on demonstration more 

When you are making a video on life-hack, stay focused on that only. There is no need to explain your life hacks or go in-depth introduction. Because this will make your viewers bored, it would be better for you to concentrate more on the demonstration of your life hacks to keep your viewers from dismissing your YouTube video. 

Tools to grow your Life Hacks’ YouTube channel

Here are some most interesting tools that will help you to grow your life hack’ YouTube channel in the best possible way:

  • VidIQ: This amazing tool can let you track and monitor your life hacks’ YouTube channel’s audience analytics. With these analytics, you will be able to create more audience-centric content in a more effective way. 
  • Woobox: This is another amazing tool that you can use to promote your life hacks’ YouTube channel on other platforms. This ultimate tool can help you to repurpose your YouTube videos and get more viewers with ease. This can offer you an amazing opportunity to expose your content to a wider audience easily. 
  • Tubular Insights: This tool will keep you updated regarding the latest trends, analysis, and tips to market your videos as per your niche. You can have expert advice and guidelines which can be used promptly to make the most out of your content with ease. 


Life hacks are also an amazing niche that you can consider for your YouTube channel. Plenty of YouTube channels are growing tremendously with the same video concept and grabbing more and more subscribers and viewers every day. 

The stats of popular life hacks’ YouTube channel can certainly help you understand how successful you can be and how much potential this YouTube niche contains. However, it is highly recommended for you to consider some of the important tips to make your life hacks videos more interesting to grow your YouTube channel in a more effective way with ease. 

So, if you are creative and have some amazing ideas that can help people in their lives, this is the right time to start your career with a YouTube channel in Life Hack’s niche. 

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