How to Start a Podcast Channel on YouTube in 2021

YouTube is one of the top video streaming platforms on the internet. The platform is home to videos related to almost every topic you could think of. 

In recent times one of the popular video topics that popped up is podcast videos. So what podcast is?

The concept of video podcasts came from audio podcasts, where the listeners hear a different kind of discussion or opinion of a single person speaking about a certain topic. Video content, as the name suggests, is the podcast in the form of video. 

Why should you start podcasting on YouTube?

Nowadays, YouTube has a wide range of audiences and is accessible to around about 30 million visitors every day. Here we enlisted a few reasons to start podcasting on YouTube:

  • Share your thoughts and experiences.
  • Invite guests from different areas and teach the audience.
  • Advertise your services/product.
  • If your channel is successful, you could make money from the YouTube partner program.

Choose a topic for the podcast

First of all, you have to select the topic. A topic on which you could talk conveniently and with confidence. While making content, you don’t need to be as perfect as the machine. You need to act accordingly to show the “Real you.”  We have all information for you to Start a Podcast Channel in 2021: A Step-By-Step Guide for YouTube.

You can move freely, involve, and laugh in other activities while recording your podcast. Moreover, the rule of a successful podcast is that it contains high-quality and well-researched content. 

Get a quality microphone

If you want to make a good podcast, you need to get a quality microphone because it is necessary for the podcast. There is a famous saying that the right equipment can help you in making the perfect podcast. If you are a beginner & passionate about podcasting,

then you can start it on your microphone. Podcasts are usually longer, and your audience will be listening to you for hours so make sure that you do well for their ears!

Design an Engaging thumbnail for your Podcast


As far as podcasting is concerned, you establish a connection with your targeted audience by whispering in their ears for an hour. Still, before your words reach the ears of your audience, there is one area where the visual is just as vital, your thumbnail art,

because the podcast cover is the main thing your listeners will see when they search it on their phones. It’s a visual first impression for your podcast & what you are trying to say in simple words.

Add music in the background.

Sound and music is a brilliant way to help make a catchier podcast for your listeners. Adding music to the podcasts can define your podcast’s tone and even make it an appreciable audio experience for your audience.

Do your Research

Before starting a podcast, make sure to practice your means. You have to do quality research about the topic which you are going to cover in the podcast. Now you have enough knowledge to talk about the selected niche, the coming step is to set up your equipment and start podcasting. Eventually, you will be making some mistakes initially; try to learn from your mistakes & improve yourself with time.

You can also plan the interview with any celebrity, mentor, or friend on random topics/niches to engage more traffic towards your podcast.

Time to upload it

When you are done with recording, now it’s time to upload your content to YouTube. Suppose you don’t have a YouTube channel, sign-up and set up your account because it’s free. Once you set up your channel, click on the top right corner, the content will start uploading. Try to use the eye-catchy titles and descriptions related to your podcast niche. Use your targeted keywords in the story and title. When your content is ready to publish, you have to set the public’s availability and click the submit button.

Boom, your podcast is ready to rock!

Promote your podcast

The final and essential step after publishing your podcast/content is promotion. It includes sharing your podcast on different social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Ask your followers, friends to share the podcast on social media platforms; initially, you need to focus on promoting your podcast to a large targeted audience. Once you start getting followers/subscribers, your channel will be reaching a large audience.

You can also work with other podcasters working in your niche/topic. You can feature them in your podcast & ask them to share the podcast with the community around them.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • Podcasts make information personal.
  • Podcasts are commodious and easy to consume
  • A podcast is a time-efficient way of communication.
  • Podcasting assists in building better relationships with the audience.
  • Podcasting enhances public speaking skills.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article on how to start a podcast on YouTube will help you start your channel. In the end, we’ll remind you again to consistent & focus on quality instead of quantity. Focus on creating quality content. learn the way to Start a Podcast Channel in 2021: A Step-By-Step Guide for YouTube.


How do you get a podcast on YouTube?

You can’t upload MP3s to YouTube because YouTube is a video site, and it requires video files, so you’ll need to convert your audio files to MP4s, which means you also need some video elements to upload a podcast to YouTube. It can be as simple as a static image, but there has to be something “playing” in the background.

Can you make a living off of a podcast?

As far as podcast is concerned, you can earn money through different income streams, including affiliate marketing, selling merchandise, and hosting live events. we have all information about Start a Podcast Channel in 2021: A Step-By-Step Guide for YouTube.

Should I start a podcast on YouTube?b

Suppose you want to build your brand and become a recognized authority in a specific niche/topic. In that case, it’s worth it to get into the podcast world because podcasts offer money differently.