How to Start Dropshipping in 2021- Step by Step Guide

This is a complete guide to why, how, and what is drop-shipping. It is just another type of business model that is gaining much popularity these days. Mainly because it has more perks than cons than that of any other business. This article will help you learn all about drop-shipping business methods. Learning the ins and outs of a business before starting it is the best way to get ahead of your business and competitors. More and more people opt for a drop-shipping business model because it does not need a higher startup cost. Drop-shipping business does help not only you but also the economy. learn the way that how to start dropshipping This article will guide you all about starting your drop-shipping business, how you can choose suppliers for your business, how you can target your market, how much you can make from a drop-shipping business, and much more.

What is a dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is another business model that involves you making your sales by getting orders from customers and have them shipped directly from supplier to customer. This way, you would not have to keep inventory, and you can have a wide range of brands to offer to your customer. Dropshipping does not even involve you having a proper setup or building for your store. You can run your dropshipping business wholly from your electronic devices sitting at your home. You won’t have to run to your suppliers, and you will never have to face storage or out-of-stock issues if you are running a dropshipping business. In simple words, dropshipping is when a customer orders from your website, you convey that order to your supplier, the supplier packs and ships the product to the customer, the customer receives their order from your website, and the supplier sells their products. You have fulfilled customer’s demands and made revenue. if you want to know about that how er earn money from youtube.

 Advantages of dropshipping:


Dropshipping comes with a lot of pros, some of which are discussed below:

Low inventory costs:

You don’t have to keep inventory for dropshipping business and then pay for protection and safekeeping of your stock. Thus dropshipping allows you to start your business without having inventory in hand.

 Low cost for a startup:

There’s no other business model than drop shipping that involves the least amount of startup cost. There will be no cost for a brick-and-mortar store or a storage house. You just got to build an online store and engage with your customers and suppliers.

 No need for a warehouse:

You don’t have to keep stock for dropshipping; thus, there is no need for a warehouse or paying rent for storage. Your supplier is responsible for safekeeping inventory; therefore, drop shipping offers a reduced cost than any other business.

 Less risk:

You can offer as many products as you want, and you won’t have to worry about whether that product will sell or not because it’s not like you have bought that product in bulk for inventory to sell. So there is a lesser risk for loss.

More range of products:

You can target a wide range of markets because you can offer various products on your website. You can be sitting at home yet dealing with products from overseas in your store. This way, customers can find anything they want on your dropshipping online store.

Disadvantages of dropshipping:

We must consider the cons of dropshipping too to get a better understanding of what problems you can face in this type of business model. IT,s important to know the Disadvantages because it helps you to how to start dropshipping.

Unable to satisfy customers over lead time:

The lead time for order fulfillment is not in your control. Because it is the supplier’s responsibility to deliver the package, you can’t choose which service they use or how much time they take for delivery. Thus you are at a disadvantage and can’t satisfy customers by delivering as soon as possible. The process runs slower and leads time increases.

Suppliers can run out of stock:

You don’t have to keep an inventory, but you cannot also be sure if the product you are selling runs out of stock from the supplier’s end. You will be unable to fulfill the customer’s requirements if that happens. You can either lose customers or cause their dissatisfaction by delivering their package late.

Higher cost than bulk buying:

When you buy products in bulk, you got to pay a lesser amount. But in dropshipping, you have to pay more for products, thus making you less profit. However, you can make more profit if you sell more products.

Unsatisfied customers:

Satisfying customers is mostly out of your hands because you cannot assure the exactly proper fulfillment of orders. Suppliers can make mistakes regarding late delivery, damages to products or packages, and you will be held responsible for these mistakes. And you won’t be able to satisfy customers without having to contact and coordinate with the supplier first.

Reasons to start your dropshipping business:


A wide range of products to offer:

One of the most important reasons to start your dropshipping business today is that you can offer a vast bulk of products to your potential customers, and they can have more options of brands to choose from. Thus your reliability and sales increase. You don’t have to keep a lot of inventory of different brands.

Requires less capital than usual:

Dropshipping business model saves you a lot of startup costs. You don’t have to pay rent, buy inventory or hire staff to start your dropshipping business. You just got to invest a little in your website, and you can start making a profit on the first day.

No need for a proper office setup:

You can run your dropshipping business anywhere anytime with just a few clicks on your website. You just need your electronic device and internet connection to deal with your customers. You don’t have to manage or spend on your office building. You can do all the process sitting on your couch from home.

Lower risk rate:

In the dropshipping business model, you are buying a product you have already sold. Thus you have the least or no risk in this business.

More approachability:

You can approach as many prospects as you want; you can deal in all kinds of products or a specific product line but with many brands. When you are offering so many options to your potential customers, you attract a much more audience. As whenever they search for products, your site pops up, and your reach increases.

No need for inventory:

You don’t need to stock up on all the things you are dealing in as you are just acting as a middle man. Not having to keep an inventory saves you a lot of costs.

How much can you make through dropshipping?



Considering all the advantages of dropshipping, you start to think that you won’t have to invest anything at all and can start making a profit the minute you launch your website. That is not true at all. Like any other business, you start low in the dropshipping business model too, and then with consistency and hard work, you start paying more and more profit. Your profit depends a lot on your relationship with your supplier and customers. Not every supplier is going to trust you from the start. So you got to evaluate your suppliers and try to land the best suppliers as soon as possible. You might expect to start making $100-$1000 in the first month, but any of it depends on your hard work and investment of time into your website to create the best platform than that of any of your competitors.


Drop shipping’s startup cost is indeed much lower, but still, you have to incur some expenses that involve the cost of your website development and running ads on the internet. Ads are necessary to get your potential customers’ proper attention, and a good-looking website will land you more and more customers.

How much dropshipping entrepreneurs have made:

Some of our research shows that entrepreneurs have made quite a lot using dropshipping, even in the first month. We can’t give you the exact profit you will make from the start, but we can provide an estimated idea by the example of some of the entrepreneurs who aced the dropshipping business model. One of the entrepreneurs made $223.79/month, another one made the first sale of $40, which is quite good as far as first sales go, and another one made $13,087 in 1 month.

Marketing efforts:

What you will make from dropshipping depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors you can’t control while others you can. One of the significant factors in your increased sales is your marketing efforts. Talking about dropshipping, it’s mostly advertising products of suppliers in such a way that customers keep buying, and suppliers keep relying on you for selling. Like any other business, you have to create a proper marketing strategy, run a marketing campaign from the start, and never stop attracting your customers.

Dropshipping businesses for sale:

If you are looking to start a dropshipping business, you better check out the existing dropshipping business available for sale. Many drop-shippers tend to sell their store and not for the wrong reasons or as if their business is not making them and profit, but they might have created the store in order to sell it to get immediate profit. So don’t think that buying an existing store will be a loss because it’s not working, because it’s untrue as they might not have much time to run the business. Buying an existing online store for dropshipping saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to start from the bottom, but you can indeed go to the top with the right investment of time, some money, and the reasonable efforts put into marketing and selling strategies.
Some of the dropshipping businesses available for sale and their sellers’ description is listed below:


Spend a little time identifying the items you want to sell, fill in the pictures, and set the foundation for you to start selling immediately!
Asking price: $425

Rivers Girl:

Recreational items for quirky, adventurous girls. Created to encourage girls and young women to explore the great outdoors.
Asking price: $6,300


My store is focused on home storage. There are endless ideas that sell in our store, more than that we can easily get loyal customers who come back and makes us more profit. People with a passion for decorating will find many fantastic ideas.
Asking price: $2,000

Quick’s unlimited:

I think that this would be an excellent investment because it can be a large scale store. Someone with the right amount of time and resources could make this a gold mine
Asking price: $200


TitanKnees could be perfect for someone who wants to make some extra money right off the bat. What comes with the site: 2 Facebook Ads (30s Videos) fully functional website TItanKnees – Domain (value $200)
Asking price: $150

TrueGymGal: is a pre-built women’s athletic/fitness apparel drop-shipping store with a populated product catalog, Pre-configured plugins including abandoned cart campaigns, automated drop-shipping w/ Oberlo, Push Notification app, and more
Asking price: $350

Peruvian Hair Boutique:

This is ready to go online business. There is an email mailing list as well as active potential customers/clients. We just need an owner that can invest time and continue to build it.
Asking price: $180


My store is focused on home storage. There are endless ideas that sell in our store, more than that we can easily get loyal customers who come back and makes us more profit. People with a passion for decorating will find many fantastic ideas.
Asking price: $2,000
You can check these stores out and see their ratings and make your best offer to buy.

The best approach to dropshipping:

 Finding the right suppliers:

Your suppliers are your key business partners. Your credibility depends on your suppliers. If your suppliers fail to deliver the best quality products within the timeline, it will hurt your reputation. And you can lose the trust of your customers.
For this purpose, you need to find the right and trustworthy suppliers for your dropshipping store. Your image is wholly dependent on the standards and credibility of your suppliers.

Keep an eye on your competitors:

If you have no competition, you won’t be striving to win. So competition is an evil necessity for you to do well in your business. You got to keep an eye on your competitors. Check out how they are targeting their market. Thus you can identify your need for a marketing strategy.

Selecting a niche:

It is of the foremost importance that you select a niche because jack of all trades is master of none. So you better be master of your desired niche. When you choose a niche of your interest, you are better focused on it. But when you start trading in more types of products. It will become difficult for you to devise a marketing strategy if you are dealing in more types of products because every product can have a different target market, thus a different marketing strategy.

Work on your website:

All kinds of businesses require investments. When it comes to dropshipping, the investment you need more than money is that of your time and hard work. You have to work on your online store so that it ranks on the top. For that purpose, you have to use the best practices; ads might be an excellent way to increase your reach but getting your website to rank at the top of search engines is the best way. If you don’t feel yourself up to developing your website on your own, you can ask for a professional expert‘s help; by investing some money, you can get the best-ranking website in no time.

Customer satisfaction is your priority:

Satisfying customers in dropshipping business is much tricky; that is why it needs most of your attention. You are not the producers of products, and neither are you the one shipping those products. Thus there’s no way you can control the quality of products or lead time on your own. The only way to do that is to acquire the best suppliers who have an excellent reputation. Because your reputation depends on your supplier’s work, you might not be responsible for any of your supplier’s misconduct. Still, you will definitely be held accountable by your customer as they are buying from your store. Focus on customer satisfaction and if there are any complaints, contact your suppliers the second you get it to solve the problem.

Steps to choose the best supplier for dropshipping:

Once you have chosen the products you want to deal in, you can find the right supplier for them. It may be a challenging step in starting the dropshipping process because you will have to find your suppliers from every corner of the world to offer more range of brands to your customers. Following are the steps to find the right supplier for your business:

Check out your options:

You need to search for the suppliers of products you are dealing in. you will have to evaluate them b, quality, and lead time. Research the suppliers you find compatible and find out if they are credible and trustworthy enough.

Contact suppliers:

Once you have chosen a supplier best suited to your requirements, contact them. Communication is the key. Let them know of your needs and allow them to tell or show you how their processes take place. You should ask for test samples.

Test them:

What I mean by testing their sample is you can check their quality, delivery time, lead time, and packaging by asking them to deliver a product. Testing and evaluation is the best way to choose and better understand your supplier.

Choose the best supplier:

In order to see which supplier is best for your business, you will have to consider some of their attributes, which are discussed below:

Qualities of a good supplier:

Some of the qualities that describe a good supplier are:


They must be punctual in their delivery times. If your customers receive their package late, they might not order from you again; thus, you lose your customer. Do check your supplier’s credibility by checking their delivery times.


Your supplier must be professional to draw up contracts with you and then follow those contracts with utter responsibility. The professionalism of your supplier will cover a lot of aspects. They should also have an admirable reputation in the market already.


Your suppliers must be nearby for you to better coordinate with them. This might not be possible when you are dealing with overseas suppliers but you should keep in contact with them all the time. This way, you can find out if any products get out of stock and how much time they are taking to restock. It’s your choice to either choose a local or overseas supplier.


 Dropshipping for beginners (FAQs):

 Do you need money to start dropshipping?

It’s true that it has less startup cost, but you need to buy the domain, test the products, communicate with your suppliers, and you might have to hire experts for your website. It’s like running any other business, so you will have to incur costs.
Is Dropshipping Profitable?

Yes, it is much profitable if you are persistent and dedicated to your dropshipping store. Your dropshipping store’s profitability depends on your dedication to the store and how you deal with customers and suppliers. Though cost is less as you don’t have to keep inventory, your profitability will increase with every sale.

Do I Need to Purchase Products for My Online Store?

No, you will be buying products you have already sold, so there is no need to purchase products that are available in your store to sell.

 Do I have to register my dropshipping business?

Yes. Like any other business, this must require a license too for proper functioning and credibility, so get your business registered as soon as you start making sales.

 Does dropshipping have loopholes?

No dropshipping business is just an E-Commerce model for business and is entirely legal, so it does not have any loopholes unless you deal in illegal products or in unlawful ways.

What happens if the products shipped are damaged?

You bear the responsibility for the mishap. The customers will complain to you, but it’s on you whether you have a prior agreement with a supplier to replace the products for free. If not, then you will have to bear the loss, either by losing your customers or by incurring reshipping costs.

How to start dropshipping in five easy steps in 2021:


Selecting a segment of the market:

You cannot be a jack of all trades and expect to earn reasonable profits. Because dealing with many segments or any segment of your choice is not the answer. Your drop shipping business’s success depends on the selection of your niche. Suppose you select a segment of the market that is already saturated by many drop shippers. It will be hard for you to strive in the dense competition.

market segment is a group of people who share one or more common characteristics, lumped together for marketing purposes. … Marketing professionals approach each segment differently, after fully understanding the needs, lifestyles, demographics, and personality of the target consumer.


Finding a supplier for your dropshipping store:

Your dropshipping store entirely relies on your suppliers. So start looking for suppliers best suited for your niche and evaluate and test them to ensure product quality and lead times. Your suppliers must be professional, experienced, reliable, deal in the best quality products, and also cost-friendly to your business.

A supplier is a person or business that provides a product or service to another entity. The role of a supplier in a business is to provide high-quality products from a manufacturer at a good price to a distributor or retailer for resale. A supplier in a business is someone who acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and retailer, ensuring that communication is forthcoming and stock is of sufficient quality.


Get a retailer’s license for your business:

Like any other business, Dropshipping business requires you to have a license because you are making sales. Your suppliers might ask for your license to check your credibility, so get your business registered as soon as possible.

retail license is a permit you need to operate a business in the locality where you offer goods or services on a regular basis. The license may be referred to as a resale, business, or vendor’s license. Fees for a retail license vary by business location and the type of license your business requires for operation



Selection of an E-Commerce platform:

You can create your online store, or you can choose an existing eCommerce platform to start your dropshipping business. It can save you time as you’ll just have to sign up to these eCommerce platforms. The already existing e-Commerce platforms are more appealing and attract more customers.

Then your online store website from the start. You might have to pay some fees, but you will get your money back by making more and more sales. Or you can create your own online store that way; you can have complete control over your branding designs, layout, etc.



Marketing strategy:

The fifth step is to devise a marketing and customer acquisition strategy for your business. That is how you are going to attract your customers. You can check out how your competitors are doing in this regard and then create a unique, more appealing marketing strategy.

These strategies will involve ads, email blasts, newsletters, and social media marketing, etc.

Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach and an overall game plan of any organization or any business with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs and wants of customers. learn how you can create your own content plan.

 How dropshipping works:


Dropshipping works in the following simple steps:
• You create an online store under your domain.
• You display the products you want to sell on your online store.
• You attract customers through marketing strategies especially google ads or ads on social media platforms.
• Customer orders a product from your store.
• You forward that order to your supplier, and you pay the wholesale price of that item.
• The supplier will pack and deliver the package to the customer.
• There will be your business name on the package, and though you play the role of a middle man, there is no way customers can figure out that there is a third party involved.

there are all useful ways to learn how to start dropshipping.

What do you need to start dropshipping?


Following is the list of things you need to do in order to start your dropshipping business. These might not be the only things as every business and or any selected niche of yours has its own requirements. But this list covers major requirements for running a successful dropshipping business.
• Committing to your dropshipping business
• Evaluating ideas for a dropshipping business
• Doing competitive research
• Finding right suppliers:
• Creating your eCommerce store
• Keeping an eye on your finances
• Developing Marketing strategies for your dropshipping store
• Monitoring, evaluating, and improving your dropshipping business

Choosing the right eCommerce Platform:




Medalist offers automation of your dropshipping business. They play a mediating role in helping you find your suppliers. This eCommerce platform boosts your products and increases your reach to the end customers. Medalist is centralized, which will make it easy for you to communicate with your supplier from a single dashboard and making your connection seamlessly easy. Medalist also offers integration with wax. Choosing this E-Commerce platform can prove really beneficial for your business.


Oberlo — Best Shopify plugin and directory:

Oberlo offers an excellent plugin service that makes them stand out from other eCommerce platforms… The Oberlo guide provides you all the products you need. The dashboard also shows you how many page views, sales, and star-rankings each item and seller has. Oberlo keeps an eye on your business’s statistics and connects with your suppliers and customers.




If you use Saleroom as your E-Commerce platform, its yearly membership grants you access to this database of wholesalers and drop shippers for only $67. They have the most significant number of suppliers currently. They have 8,000+ suppliers on the site, and they’re all screened by Saleroom before they’re added to the directory.

The auto-bid you place should be the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. The system will then use this information to bid on the item for you. It will only place the highest amount necessary for you to win the item, and will never go above your maximum figure.



Wholesale2B is the most famous hub for dropshipping because it does not only offers more than 1 million products ready to be drop-shipped. They also allow you to sell products on:
• eBay
• Amazon
• Woo Commerce
• Shopify
• Magneto
• Webley
• Big Commerce

You can sign up for this eCommerce platform for free.


Inventory Source:

This E-Commerce platform offers automation and saves a lot of your time. Inventory Source is an automation tool that allows you the most extraordinary synchronization with your customers and suppliers.
Inventory store allows you to sign up for free to check out the suppliers’ directory list, but their Inventory automation is $99/month, and full automation is $150/month.




Worldwide Brands — Budget-friendly database:

By using the worldwide brand as your E-Commerce platform for dropshipping is pocket-friendly as you can get a lifetime subscription to Worldwide Brands’ database of wholesalers and drop shippers for just $299. No other eCommerce platform allows you to sell products on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy on such a low budget.
Worldwide Brands has an extensive upper-market wholesale directory of certified drop shippers, and its very much reliable and quick-to-respond support team. It has excellent reviews from its members.



As the name suggests, this is another Shopify app for offering much more products and automating your orders on AliExpress.
Dropified offers a 14-day free trial. After that, it’s $47 per month for the Builder plan or $39 per month on the annual plan, and The Premier plan is for $127 per month or $97 per month with annual billing.

This plan has a profit dashboard, Zapier integration, and an unlimited high-speed captcha solver. This too has excellent reviews and can be your choice.

is a software application, which allows you to easily import and manage dropshipped products into your favorite e-commerce platform (like WooCommerce, Shopify, and others) and then ships those products you’ve sold directly to your customers, wherever they may live on this planet




The most famous online retailer you have ever heard of is Ali-baba. This E-Commerce spot form is based in China. It has meager prices for almost all the products and offers many features if you use this platform to dropship
Their website has many user reviews and analytics that can prove super useful for your business as you conduct research. AliExpress is best for small order quantities; it can be a low-risk option for testing out product ideas without a lot of investment. You can order short queries for testing without a lot of investing, thus minimizing your risk, if you pick aliexpress as your eCommerce platform for dropshipping.


This platform has some of the best reviews and more than millions of suppliers. You can check credibility by checking out rating feedback from customers. The risk might be more significant as you can’t trust just any suppliers, so consider the evaluation of your suppliers very carefully and keenly. is a Chinese business-to-business and Business-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce marketplace that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from suppliers to small and medium retailers. It is one of the largest B2B-cross-border E-commerce trade platforms in China


Dropshipping is the latest rising E-Commerce model for business where you don’t have to buy products from your suppliers until you have sold them. You are just a middle man, but your customer does not know that unless you state so. The customer gets a broader range of brands to choose their products from, their needs get fulfilled, the supplier is able to sell their products through your platform, which increases their scope of a business, and you get to make a profit. Thus it’s a win-win situation. You don’t have to worry about building a store, keeping an inventory, or hiring people. You can run your dropshipping business from home. Dropshipping has low entry capital and thus is more advantages. You can deal with as many products as you want. The success of your dropshipping business is mainly dependent on your suppliers and your marketing strategy. You can use an already existing E-Commerce platform or create your own online store. There are also already existing online dropshipping stores available for sale. Dropshipping can earn you a lot of money and can prove very beneficial to your pocket if done right. brevvit helps you to know how to start dropshipping.