How to Create and Start a YouTube Channel in 2021

How To Create A YouTube Channel?


This article is a stepwise guide on how to start a successful YouTube channel? It is composed of twelve easy steps:

  1. Make a separate account for your YouTube channel.
  2. Develop your Channel Art
  3. Complete your profile 
  4. Think up your content  
  5. Develop a trailer for your channel
  6. Video uploading
  7. Video optimization for exploration on the internet 
  8. Be steady in a video posting.
  9. Channel promotion on social media platforms
  10. Get connected with your community.
  11. Invest in YouTube ads
  12. Keep track of results and channel optimization.  

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How to start a successful YouTube channel?


The number of users watching YouTube videos has been significantly growing worldwide. According to Statista, YouTube crossed 2 billion logged-in viewers per month in 2019; the number was 1.8 billion in 2018. Sure, there are plenty of online platforms for watching videos, but YouTube users have surpassed all. For instance, 73% of adults prefer YouTube for videos.

This rapid growth of YouTube among viewers makes it the best channel for your business expansion. It will give you a platform to advertise your products to attract domestic as well as international customers. 

In truth, creating a YouTube channel is not very difficult. The challenge is to create one that will ultimately earn a serious viewership and generate significant revenues. To achieve that, you will need to develop a comprehensive strategy as a solid foundation for creating your YouTube channel. Without developing a prior strategy, you will certainly create your channel, but its success might be doubtful. 

Let’s break your journey to YouTube stardom, step by step.


Make a New Account for Your YouTube channel.


First off, you need to create a new Google account for your YouTube channel. If your channel’s purpose is to boost your business, then the new Google account will help manage your account. 

A common mistake people mostly make is to create a business YouTube channel with your personal Google account. Due to this mistake, you cannot add other users to your channel account through their personal Google logins. Here are a few quick points to set up your new account for your YouTube channel;

  • Open the YouTube site page while logging in to your new Google Account. Now you will be directed to “YouTube Channel Switcher.”
  • There, you will see all your accounts, such as your personal, business, and any other account you have, alongside the option of creating a new channel.
  • Next, you need to click on the option of create a new channel,” which will take you to the option of create a new account.” Come up with a unique channel name for your new account, and then click on the option of click.”
  • Well done! You have created a YouTube channel. 


Develop your Channel Art


The outlook of your channel matters a lot!

By following a few points, you can develop your channel’s unique and professional outlook to be reached easily online.

In the beginning, the icon of your newly developed YouTube brand account is connected to the profile image of your new account. It would help if you changed it by updating your new Google account.

You have to click on the option of edit,” which will direct you to the option of “upload image” in your account.

Important consideration

  • You need to save image formats, such as JPG, non-animated GIF, and PNG.
  • Crop your image well so that it can display appropriately at different places where YouTube uses it. 

Suitable channel art

You need to keep your channel art beneath 4 MB and no less than 2048 x 1152 pixels to make the profile of your YouTube channel visually engaging. It will also help you maintain a proper display on different devices, such as tabs, mobile, and others.


Complete Your Profile


To make the best of the customization option benefits, you need to click the icon of “gear,” which will be present underneath the option of channel art.” A pop-up with the title of channel settings will become visible where you need to enable and save the option of layout customization of your channel.” It will give you broad options arranged into five tags, namely, Home, About, Playlists, Channels, and Videos. 

Now you need to edit the details of your channel by clicking on the tab About.”

Fill up theDescription option with your purpose by focusing on suitable keywords for your channel. It will help YouTube users search your channel.

It would help if you did not forget to give your other social media accounts your email and ID.


Think Up Your Content


It is the most crucial part of your YouTube channel. You need to create appealing content for your channel by keeping in mind the purpose of your channel. 

Content can be of various types, such as educational, informative, and entertaining. No matter your channel’s purpose, you need to focus on your content’s quality and originality by developing engaging videos. You need to keep one thing in your mind while developing videos.

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Why do people come to visit your channel?

The chances of getting more audience are high if you know why.


Develop a Trailer for Your Channel


Develop a propelling trailer for your channel as it can make your visitors subscribe to your channel. Follow these points to upload your trailer:

  • Upload the video of your trailer.
  • Open your channel.
  • Go to thechannel customizationoption.
  • Click on the icon “for new visitors.”
  • Click on “Edit”
  • There you will get two options, “change trailerremove the trailer.”


Video Uploading

After completing all the steps mentioned above, you are now ready to upload your first video. Go to your channel and upload a video. After this, you will be taken to “YouTube Studio,” where you can manage and edit your videos.


Video Optimization for Exploration on the Internet


It is a step that tells you how to keep your videos noticed in your YouTube community. Let’s tell you a few things that help you stand out in the crowd of the YouTube community:

  • Before video optimization, you need to brainstorm suitable keywords that can lead viewers to your video.
  • Your video engagement also determines the rank YouTube gives your channel. Encourage your viewers to subscribe, like, and share your videos. Contests and giveaways can help you increase the engagement levels of your channel.
  • Video formatting also plays a significant role in the search ranking of your channel, so;

Important consideration

  • Include your target keyword in the video you upload.
  • Make a lengthy but substantial video.
  • Keep the title concise but descriptive.
  • Add lengthy descriptions by using target keywords.
  • Develop tags by using target and related keywords


Be Frequent In Video Posting


You have to be consistent if you wish to run your channel successfully. By uploading video content frequently, you will keep in touch with your audience to further help you grow your viewers and subscribers. 

It has been seen that a consistent posting schedule brings more subscriptions as people like to join channels that have and regularly provide more content. Also, breaking out videos into different series can help to make the channel appear organized.


Channel Promotion on Social Media Platforms


Promotion of your YouTube channel through other social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, is essential to get high ranks. This step will help you attract more viewers, grow your YouTube family, and maximize your YouTube ROI. You can also partner up with other popular YouTubers to upturn your content’s reach.

Get Connected With Your Community


By watching and commenting on other related videos, you can

connect with the YouTube community. Responding to people’s comments (even negative ones), asking and answering questions, and giving “heart” to people’s comments will help you increase engagement and grow your viewership and ranking.


Invest in YouTube ads


Advertising plays a vital role in the growth of your channel. Therefore, you should develop a comprehensive advertising strategy and invest in ads. It would help if you do not solely rely on YouTube ads to grow your channel but use it together with your promotion tricks. 

To run a successful ad campaign, you need to specify your audience, location, and search preferences. 

Keep Track Of Results and Channel Optimization


Track your channel frequently to analyze the growth of your channel. You can track your channel through YouTube Analytics metrics, including;

  • Comments 
  • Watch time 
  • Subscription rate
  • Audience retention
  • Comments

So, how to start a YouTube channel and make money?

Put briefly, and a successful YouTube channel is not necessarily a way to earn handsome money by giving your business a significant boost but also a way to channelize your talent. Moreover, it also serves the purpose of your information, education, and general well-being well. Hopefully, this article answers your questions about how to start a YouTube channel.

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