Everything you need to know about Unboxing Channel on YouTube: A thorough guide on how to make money with unboxing niche in 2021

For YouTube channels, coming up with a niche that can help them grow and make more money is a bit tricky. It requires extensive ground baking research and hard work hours to develop the right YouTube channel niche. 

Choosing a profitable niche for your YouTube channel is essential:

Choosing a fruitful and profitable YouTube niche becomes even more critical if you plan to choose it as a long-term profession and an effective way to make money. 

Most commonly, people, especially beginner YouTubers, prefer to go with any niche they have the slightest clue about. But in reality, this is not the best way to choose your YouTube channel niche at all. This content creation would become problematic for you, especially when you don’t know what to do in that particular niche. Ultimately, coming up with the best and attention-grabbing content would become difficult for you. This can also make your YouTube channel a failure for you. 

However, on the other hand, if you are going to do proper research and due diligence before stepping into any YouTube channel’s niche, it would be beneficial for you in multiple ways, including:

However, to make things easier for you, here we have brought one of the most fantastic niche ideas for you to consider. We will most amazingly let you know about the fantastic details regarding our chosen niche to get a better idea about things more effectively. 

Unboxing is the best niche to consider even for 2021 

Are you the type of person who loves to show people how items are being unboxed? The Unboxing niche is right for you. Based on the present analysis, YouTube videos in the unboxing place are making massive money on YouTube. 

Unboxing is one of the most popular niches you can consider for your YouTube channel. Unboxing is a concept of unpacking or unpackaging products. The entire process of unpackaging is recorded and then uploaded on YouTube. 

In these kinds of videos, viewers usually see the product taken out of the box and used for the first time by a real human being. These videos are amazing to see the product experience, but they can also let your viewers know much about the delivery process and the quality of product packaging.  Visit this site for more or Best unboxing Experiance: Youtube Unboxing Way.

The concept behind unboxing videos 

Do you remember the excitement and anticipation you felt while receiving and unpacking your gifts as a kid? Do you remember how exciting you were to let your friends know all about it? Well, it is similar excitement that YouTubers are taping into their amazing unboxing videos. 

Well, the concept behind the videos of the unboxing niche is pretty simple. 

  • Youtubers tape themselves while opening boxes of gadgets, toys, fashion products, accessories, and anything else. 
  • They reveal every step of the entire unboxing process and make sure to offer you a real-time experience regarding the condition of the package they received. 
  • They will describe the accessories or items they received with the purchased product. 
  • Even more, they will describe the quality details of the product as well along with the meticulous details on how it works or not. 

Are unboxing videos still popular among viewers?

Even though, on paper, the concept of unboxing videos might sound less than exciting to consider. But in reality, it is not because Google begs to differ. The research on Google indicates that 1/5th of consumers have watched at least one unboxing video on YouTube. 

Even more, the genre of the unboxing video is no longer a territory that can be claimed by only nerds, tech geeks, or so-called oddballs. 

However, here we have some exciting statistics to let you understand whether unboxing videos are still popular among YouTube viewers or not. 

Some amazing statistics on “Unboxing niche.”

Do you want to know why unboxing is one of the most amazing niches to consider for your YouTube channel? Let’s look at the statistics below to get a better idea about the things in this regard. 

So, here we go:

  • More than 90,000 are searching for unboxing into YouTube monthly. 
  • Almost 40 unboxing videos on YouTube have more than 10 million views. 
  • As per YouTube statistics, Ryan Kaji, an 8 years old kid, is the highest-paid YouTuber, who has made $26 million in 2018 and 2019 amazingly with his unboxing videos. 
  • In 2014, there were above 22 million search results that were returned for the keyword “unboxing.” However, the number has risen to more than 52 million at present. 

Here are some amazing statistics that are revealed by Think With Google as well:

  • Unboxing niche uploads increased by 50% in 2014. 
  • The views on unboxing videos have increased by 57% in the last year. 
  • 62% of people use to watch an unboxing video to research a product 
  • During the Christmas season, the views of unboxing videos go up by 34%.
  • There are certain times throughout the year when the views of unboxing videos increase. This used to happen more commonly during summer, spring, and back-to-school days. 
  • About 66% of the beauty product purchases are because of YouTube unboxing videos. 
  • Overall, unboxing videos were around since the humble beginning of YouTube in 2005. And since then, the phenomenon of unboxing videos has surprisingly grown to generate more than 20 million search results. 

These statistics are certainly going to be more than enough for you to understand the level of popularity for the unboxing niche. So, considering this niche as an effective YouTube niche option for you to grow is worth it. 

The reason the unboxing niche is getting all these views?

Do you want to know why the unboxing niche is getting immense views on YouTube? Some of the most important reasons we have mentioned below. These will certainly let you have a better idea of why unboxing videos are becoming more and more popular over time:

  • Unboxing videos are addictive. 

Unboxing videos have the ability to pass on the excitement of enjoying something. These videos are highly addictive and make viewers happy. 

  • Unboxing videos mirror emotions. 

A good unboxing video can trigger emotions via the excitement of unboxing over a product. Unboxers usually share real emotions that are contagious and genuine. It affects the viewer psychologically and will help them feel as they own the product. 

  • These videos are helpful in reassuring decisions.

As shoppers turn more to online shopping and veering away from in-store shopping, unboxing videos play a vital role in product demonstrations. These are helping reassure customers whether they are making a good buying decision. 

As per the “Think with Google” report, 62% of people view unboxing videos while researching a product before making a purchase. 

These videos can help consumers to visualize the actual product, its quality, and how it can be used in reality. 

  • People consider unboxing videos trustworthy sources. 

There is usually no photoshop, no lighting tricks, or no fancy camera angles in unboxing videos. People see the products taken out of the box directly and used for the first time by a real user. Viewers get an unlimited and unfiltered view of the product to see. This helps them to know whether it actually looks as the manufacturer or brand advertised it. 

Even more, the product is described by the creator of the video without using any marketing lingo or buzzwords

Overall, viewers prefer these videos because they can have true recommendations. Even if the product doesn’t work as per specifications, issues will be revealed. 

Ways to monetize your unboxing niche YouTube channel

There are three different ways you can make money in the unboxing niche with ease. Unboxing a niche can help you to make huge returns with ease. To generate more revenue with unboxing, you have to follow no hard and fast rules. 

Here we will let you know how you can monetize your YouTube channel containing unboxing niche videos and the ways you can easily make the most out of it. 

So, here we go:

Sponsored videos 

Well, the very first way to monetize your unboxing YouTube channel is to start creating sponsored content. If you have enough following and the engagement level on your videos is acceptable, various brands will feel happy to support your YouTube content. 

Brands will eventually start sending you free product samples to unbox. You will unbox these products and may get paid for those videos as well. This can be the best way to monetize your unboxing videos. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Another amazing way to monetize your unboxing videos is affiliate marketing. Some various brands or stores are offering affiliate marketing programs through which you would earn a chunk of the overall product price being offered by them. 

In your unboxing videos, you can unbox products from the brands you want to affiliate with. Then in the description of your video, you can add your affiliate link through which people would make a purchase. 

The more people will purchase through your affiliate link, the more profit you will make from your videos. 

Google AdSense 

This is one of the most common ways to monetize every YouTube video, and unboxing videos are no exception. Google AdSense can help you to make money by adding ads to your videos. You can also consider this as an effective way to generate income. 

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos


Tips for nailing your Unboxing Channel on YouTube

Here are some of the most amazing tips to nail your unboxing videos in the best possible way. 

  • Get the right light 

Lighting is important to make or break the overall experience of your video. Make sure to place your unboxing set-up under proper light. It is always better to make your videos under the flood of natural light, but you can prefer to use a ring light with ease if that is not possible.  

  • Speak slowly and clearly 

Even though the unboxing product is center stage in the video, a voice-over is important to grab viewers’ attention. With a winning personality and clear voice tone, you can eventually create your space in this niche. 

  • Timing is everything 

People at present have short attention spans. If you are going to ramble too much or even delaying the main event, your viewers might skip to the next clip then. To avoid this problem, it is important to keep everything planned earlier and then make sure to unbox your products as quickly as possible after beginning your video. Unboxing Channel on YouTube

Once a product is out of the box, now you can slow down a little bit to let your candid observation flow. 

  • I prefer to stay on top of trends. 

If you want to bring your video in trend, make sure to be a trendsetter then. Make sure to unbox the latest released products. This will help you in attracting more viewers to your videos with ease. 

  • Demonstrate products in use, when possible 

This can help you to take your unboxing videos a step forward than others. If you are unboxing a gadget, toy, or any other products, consider showing the product in use. Even more, to make your unboxing videos more worthy, you can also create a follow-up video of product review after some uses. This will also help you position yourself as an expert in your focused area. 



Unboxing is an amazing niche to consider for your YouTube channel. Unboxing videos are getting popular with every passing day. More and more people are getting interested in viewing unboxing videos.

Even more, it offers multiple ways to monetize your YouTube videos and make huge money in return. Overall, this can be an amazing way to grow on YouTube with ease. 

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