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Youtube Channel Ideas.
Youtube Channel ideas.

Are you looking for YouTube channel ideas? YouTube houses millions of channels from all kinds of content creators to different audiences. 

Amid so much exciting content, standing out becomes a challenge. Given this, the best way is to find the best video models, which generate the most interest from the viewers.

If you know your audience well, you certainly understand what types of content they are generally interested in. Interviews, challenges, everyday vlogs, and even unboxing videos are fascinating.

Some channels focus on just one of these types of content, while others don’t attach to a format —which can be a good proposition!

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Best YouTube Channel Ideas 2021

If you are interested in starting a YouTube channel in 2021, we will discuss the best 32 YouTube channel ideas that you could adapt and create a fantastic YouTube journey!


  1. Vlogs

Vlogs were the natural transition of personal blogs, which were previously a kind of virtual diary. With Digital Marketing’s advancement, blogs became more used as a platform for content strategies, and then vlogs gained strength.

They are videos in which people show specific parts of their routine, which does not always have a script ready. At first, some of the first vloggers guided each of their videos by a particular subject, talking about it, still showing a point of view.

Today, vlogs are more focused on events, such as these people’s daily lives, a trip to some event, or any daily activity, whether it is unique or not. You can adapt this model, especially if you already have an audience. Vlog makes people feel more attached to a person and their life or even their daily routine. 

They are directly related to a virtual diary in which the content producer shows his routine, mixing his personal life with the professional, often revealing advantageously.

It is very suitable for brands and influencers who want to create proximity to the audience and have an engaged audience.

  1. Live Streams

Live streams are great for increasing organic reach and generating more audience engagement on the channel.

Although their most prominent feature is to be live, they can be turned into perennial content and made available in the Videos tab of the YouTube channel.

They are super suitable for event coverage, webinars, gameplays, video lessons, product promotions, among others.


  1. Product review

They are channels of all kinds, where products such as makeup, beauty products, clothing, sneakers, electronics, and many others are reviewed and evaluated. 

 the channels talk about technical specification, appearance and mainly, we test products! Therefore, thoughts are complete and help a different variety of audiences of the web.

The tip here is to talk about the technical specifications, appearance, quality, and sincere opinion about the product. This information serves as the basis for making users’ purchasing decisions.

If you are an expert in any area, take the opportunity to show your opinion and knowledge about the products, your audience will love it! Use the review to inform the public of your new acquisition and what you thought of it, offering usage details and first impressions.

  1. Behind the cameras

Artists can also benefit from this idea to share the design of video clips and the creative process, for example. This will help their audience understand what the creator goes through to create a cool video for the channel. 

Business customer pressing smiley face emoticon online, Service rating, satisfaction concept.

  1. Lists

Hard to explain people’s obsession with lists. The top 10 songs you like the most, the five most challenging moments of a company, the three most difficult decisions a manager has made, favorite books, and movies. 

All this generates a lot of curiosity and engagement; choose the right theme and be objective in recording the video, and you could end up creating an exciting top list for your audience. 


  1. DIY Channel – Do It Yourself

The English term means “do it yourself,” and these are videos that teach users to do something with their own hands.

Take advantage of your channel to teach a little of what you know to your audience, of course, if you master some technique. Demonstrating insecurity in these videos can cause harmful damage to the brand image.

Home decoration, costumes, tools, makeup, customization of clothes, finally, any content works very well since it is the proposal of the format that draws attention.

Learning how to do something interesting, using cheap resources and on your own, is one of the most exciting and straightforward video ideas to record.

One of the very successful channels with “DIY – Do It Yourself” is 5-Minute Crafts. They teach you everything from Halloween costumes to barbie doll clothes.


  1. Unboxing

Opening the box of a new product is an infectious feeling!

Following the same line of tips we gave about reviewing products, try filming the unboxing of products sold by the brand and even others that have to do with your audience.

YouTubers also often make enough of this type of video to show the public the products “received of the week.” And, it works to attract views. People love to see other people opening product boxes on YouTube.

Unboxing videos are often more associated with the theme each channel addresses. Who talks about technology, for example, will do an unboxing of a new laptop, for example. Already who has a sports channel will do an unboxing of a newly launched boot.   Also, visit this site for more and in detail about unboxing videos: Unboxing Video guide

  1. Reactions Videos

Suppose your customer is becoming a reference in a market. In that case, people will be curious about their reaction at certain times:

  • We are launching an innovative product in the area.
  • We are publishing the line-up of an event.
  • Any other subject of the moment that he can express an opinion.

Reaction videos often keep engaging for shorter periods; after all, they become obsolete fast but are very easy to record.

  1. Startups

Another topic on everyone’s mouth is that of startups and how they create future technology. Research the ones you find most interesting and try to interview them. Many companies, especially in the early stages, need to attract visibility and public relations, and every opportunity is suitable for promoting their business.






  1. Time-lapse

These are videos where time passes faster than usual. This model is widely used for recipes or by artists while creating their works.

Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured is much more spread out than the frequency used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. Wikipedia
  1. Explanatory Video

In a way, almost every video is explanatory. But there are some whose function is to undo some misconception or add information to a previous video, which left something on the air unintentionally or was much questioned by the audience.

It can explain how to use a product or how it gets manufactured from the raw material extraction process to its arrival in stores or at the customer’s home. You can also explain the steps for creating a corporate event, among other options.


  1. Job Hunting

Help the young graduates get their dream jobs by making guide videos. If you work in a particular field like aviation, the music industry, or media productions, you could help people get jobs in your department or area. 

Graduates come straight from universities, and they may not have useful information or a roadmap to follow to get started with internships or jobs.

A simple presentation could help them clear their queries. 


  1. Myths and Truths

An excellent option for specialists such as doctors, nutritionists, and brands whose product or service is very technical. However, for those who do not belong to this niche. Just do research and a relevant theme for the videos of myths and truths to work.

This type of video attracts the attention of the internet user and has excellent chances to gain views. 

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  1. Webinars

The idea is that webinars are video seminars, so their name. They are more laborious because they require content preparation and good time management during recordings. However, they generate a lot of authority for those who do.

Web conferencing is used as an umbrella term for various types of online conferencing and collaborative services including webinars, webcasts, and web meetings. Wikipedia
  1. Parodies

THEY are fun ways to “hitchhike” on something very successful. So you can create funny versions of the new star wars movie or the latest episode of your favorite TV show, for example.

However, keep in mind that parodies aren’t very perennial because they lose momentum when parodied content goes out of style.

One YouTuber who is successful with his parodies is Winterson Nunes. On his channel, he parodies songs by famous artists demonstrating all his creativity.


  1. Tutorial

Depending on the subject they cover, the tutorials need to be longer or elaborate videos. But it is also possible to describe simple processes without much editing if the purpose of the video and the audience profile of your client allows.

It’s the best way to help people and share your knowledge through a video. you can a tutorial of any software and program and tell people how it’s work or runs.


  1. Gaming channel

The gaming channel has videos testing new games and demonstrating to the audience what experience they communicate. They are essential to gamers or geeks channels, which usually offer this content firsthand.

Other than the computer setup, you should consider getting a comfortable chair as you’ll spend most of the day sitting and streaming games. And last but not least, having a high-speed internet connection is crucial for uploading videos to YouTube.

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  1. Infographic video

As with the static infographic – which is still an image – infographic videos have the function of scouting out complex concepts. They are animated versions that share data, processes and establish relationships between them.

Take a look at how interesting your video can get using this template. Raw Shorts has an infographic video with super engaging animations for you to get inspired by.

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  1. Home Cooking

We talk about recipes when we approach the time-lapse technique, but you don’t have to restrict them to this type of video.

With relatively easy content to record and edit, you get fascinating results and great engagement. After all, who doesn’t like to learn how to cook on social media?




  1. Pranks

Funny and captivating, prank videos are much older than the Internet. Who doesn’t remember the pranks on Silvio Santos’ show? Ahhhh, of course, the younger ones won’t remember, but I assure you they were very successful.

However, it is necessary to know your audience well and be very careful with the games’ tone. They can cause the most diverse reactions, from unexpected laughs to opinions of awful taste. In doubt, avoid extremes.


  1. Reviews

These are reviews about a movie, book, video, or other product. On YouTube, there are great ways to position yourself ideologically and promote debate on some issues. That has to do with your client’s field of action or even present a product of it. 

you can give your reviews about any abject, video and products. it,s may helpful for people. also, make a video on which you can give your suggestion on it.




  1. Collection Videos

Some niches sell collectibles and, even if your clients are not part of them, there are always people who like to collect the most unusual things.

Thus, posting videos demonstrating collection items can be a great idea to sell handbags, shoes, accessories, musical instruments, makeup, and so on.

  1. History of technology

Sometimes it’s interesting to look back, not just forward. Search and tell the story that accompanied the design, design, and market launches of a successful product, such as the iPhone or the essential e-commerce and websites.

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  1. Supplements and vitamins

Gym workout supplements are among the hottest topics debated by those who want to put on bodybuilders’ muscles. Are they good? Do they hurt? If you’ve tried them and achieved significant results thanks to them, too, share your experience with your audience and explain how to get the most out of using them.



  1. Yoga

Yoga is the most practiced form of meditation in the world. In this sense, YouTube represents an immense opportunity for teachers and experts in this discipline to find customers online. All you have to do is find a format that stands out from that of so many other teachers on the net and starts making videos.

The history of technology is the history of the invention of tools and techniques and is one of the categories of world history. Technology can refer to methods ranging from as simple as stone tools to the complex genetic engineering and information technology that has emerged since the 1980s



  1. Videos on health, fitness, and well-being

While the health and fitness niche is competitive, many people are looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which creates good chances of success in the strategy.

So whether you’re a nutritionist or a personal trainer, for example, you can create a YouTube channel that contributes to your audience’s well-being.

A good idea is to suggest diet plans, workout routines, and supplements to help people stay in shape.



  1. Travel

Record your entire trip, from the plane, sightseeing, and food. Take your followers from your cell phone and make them live the experience with you.

You can take a tour of the new house, the new recording studio, the newly designed kitchen by a famous architect or your client’s shop.

Videos tours are a great way to create unique proximity to the audience, even at a distance.



  1. Viral Videos

They are fashionable videos; you can take advantage of something on top of social networks and make a video about that. For example, some challenges, but make sure they relate to the theme of your channel.

you can also make your own playlist in which you can post-viral or tops videos on it. also, make it funny by your action and make your reaction on it.

  1. Podcast

Explain how you found a solution to a problem that many listeners are likely to experience. With this kind of orientation, the podcast is usually successful because it gives it a unique angle and creates a practical and useful story.

Moreover, suppose you interview a couple or more of the experts or perhaps influential people on the same topic. In that case, you can repackage the answers, creating a compilation of expert opinions on that specific topic.

Depending on your theme (in this example, a cooking podcast), are you using certain cooking utensils or ingredients that others might be interested in? And you can enter sponsorship/product placement here to generate a new revenue stream!

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  1. Web series

This format is a way to gain the attention and preference of your audience using a medium that is familiar to people and strengthens the image of your brand. It’s not a move to promote your offers and releases but increase your relevance and audience’s admiration.

With increasing competition for people’s attention in the digital environment, your content must add value to your audience. So it would be best if you created something that motivates these people to ignore other content and pay attention to you. Creating a quality web series can have this effect.


YouTube video ideas for kids

What to make videos about on YouTube, kids? There are many options. But one of the best ways to get good ideas for YouTube is to find out what the competition offers and how they’re doing.

Learn a little from some of the most popular channels aimed at children’s audiences:

  • Ryan’s World
  • Super Single Songs
  • Turtle interactive
  • Smile and Learn

There are many other topics to make a children’s video: animals, stories, cartoons. Don’t just imagine or try to figure out what the kids are looking for the most now.


Ideas for making videos on YouTube without showing your face

There are endless options to choose from for those who want ideas for YouTube videos that they don’t have to show their face on. Some are:

  • Animated videos
  • Podcasts
  • Various tutorials
  • How to use computer programs, how to operate appliances, and from phones to machinery.e 
  • Music playlists
  • Lists of the latest or highest-grossing films
  • Review videos
  • Humorous about scenes from other videos
  • From product reviews
  • About learning in which you explain topics of intellectual interest
  • Video games
  • About Conspiracy Theories of Celebrities/Movies/Series
  • Audiobooks

There are many good video ideas to record! Depending on your channel’s style and mostly your target audience’s preference, some choices will play better.

  • Is it too late to start a YouTube Channel?

It’s not too late, but if it’s a bit harder than before. It has its easy stuff also, like there’s a lot more audience now than before, of course, more competition also. Still, the good thing is that whatever you do on YouTube, there are people for everyone. It alone is more than enough reason to be optimistic and think that your chances of success are not slim by creating videos consistently and with original content.

If you are going for a minimal setup, this may sound very basic, but you can start with a design valuing $500-2500.

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  • What do you need to start a gaming channel?

For console games (that is, on a PS4 or Xbox One), you must have a capture device on your hardware, which allows you to record from the console directly to your computer. You can find it in several online retail stores, and prices usually vary depending on the resolution quality of the recording you want to make. You also have to familiarize yourself with some decent video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro to handle both video and game recording and make it visually attractive.

We hope that our guide will help you in starting a YouTube channel. Do tell us if we have missed something in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to share!