How to Create a Content Plan for your YouTube Channel?


This article is a stepwise guide on how to create a content plan for your YouTube channel. It is composed of ten easy steps:

  1. Select a Niche
  2. Collect Information About Your Audience
  3. Do Some Research About Your Competitors
  4. Jot Down Probable Keywords
  5. Plan a Two Minutes Scene of Your Video
  6. Develop a Script before Start Shooting Video
  7. Make Your Content Deliverance Fluent And Spontaneous.
  8. Develop Connection with Your Audience
  9. Plan Your Shooting Around Editing
  10. Add Some Information Bits To Your Content.

The number of YouTube channels has been multiplying incredibly and by now has reached 37 million. It is true that creating a YouTube channel is easy but maintaining its audience is an uphill task. Creating a YouTube channel needs few clicks; however, a proper strategic plan must run it in the long run for success. 

YouTube is an extremely competitive platform where, every single minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded. To stand out in the YouTube world, your channel critically needs engaging, appealing, relatable, and creating YouTube content

The success of big and small projects lies in effective planning. It gives your project direction to move forward to achieve the metrics you have developed for your YouTube channel. The content planning stage is absolutely fundamental to the long-term success of your channel.

Let’s first quickly see through the benefits of YouTube content planning:

  • Original and organic deliverance of words and lines
  • Spontaneous expressions and actions during a video shoot
  • High audience engagement 
  • Knowledge about competitors and planning techniques
  • Improved video quality by reducing the numbers of takes while shooting  
  • Maintain the pace of video by taking timely actions 
  • Attain fluency in dialogue deliverance by reducing pauses  

Table of Contents

So, how to create a content plan for your YouTube channel.


For your guidance, we have broken down the article into 10 steps, which will help you understand technical aspects for creating a precise and eye-catching YouTube content plan for your channel. 

Select a Niche


The first step is to brainstorm YouTube channel ideas. Of course, you cannot directly go for a topic hunt if you have not finalized your niche. If you are a business, you already know, depending on your purpose, but you have to select a niche if not. You can pick from many niches, but we will recommend choosing the one you are good at. It can be a hobby, interest, or even your profession. 

Many YouTubers don’t pay attention when creating a YouTube channel, but you should think about the sequence. For example, the logical sequence makes it easier to get the viewer to go from one video to another, increasing the session time and helping your rankings.

Competitor research and analyzing the target audience will help you further fine-tune your YouTube content niche, which will talk about shortly.

Next comes topic selection, where you should always go with the flow. 

Visit this site if you want ideas for your Youtube channel: Bravvit Channel Ideas.


You must be thinking about which flow I am talking about. 


Going with the flow means you should move with the current trend on search engines before planning your video content to get some Streamlight attention. There are numerous search engines, such as Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. You need to know current trends on popular search engines. 

How would you know the current trends? 


I will recommend you to visit “Google Trends,” which is one of the most popular websites to examine the attractiveness of top search inquiries across different countries and languages. It will give you ideas about topics that are in trend and are of interest to the audience. 

For example, “topic” with scores from 50 to 100 shows the audience’s high-interest level, whereas if the topic’s score is near 50, it will show the mediocre interest of people. 


Collect Information About Your Audience


Have you thought of your viewer’s demography?


If not, then start now because you plan content specifically for your audience, not for yourself. 

Starting a YouTube channel, you cannot create an effective YouTube content plan unless you don’t have information about your viewers’ viewers. So without further ado, spare some time for getting the necessary information about your viewers. 

Today, there are many renowned social media platforms, but YouTube stands tall amongst all as it has developed into the single most famous social media site in the USA. For a YouTube content plan creator, knowledge regarding YouTube developments and demography has become essential. 

Here are some YouTube user statistics:


You are aware that about fifteen % of YouTube traffic is from the U.S. You should also know that most of your audience is literary as eighty percent of users are college degree holders. 

In addition to this, information about users’ gender also helps you in effective content planning. According to the statistics, eighty-five percent of YouTube users are teenage boys of age bracket 13-17, while seventy percent are girls. 

The majority of YouTube’s audience is from urban areas than rural while on the other hand, the significant majority of ninety-three percent of viewers are from India.  Although people watch YouTube in seventy-six percent different languages, only thirty-three percent are in English. 

You need to do content planning, considering these demographic facts. Only then would you be able to grab the attention of your audience. 

Do you want to know how all this demographic information will help you plan your content?


Suppose you want to learn the approximate video length for your content. As you now know, most viewers are young (eighty-five percent of YouTube users are teenage boys), so the size of your video should be short. The watching stamina of youngsters is lesser than mature because they get bored with the lengthy content.

Likewise, quantitative information about the type of videos being watched frequently will help you find the topic. For instance, above ninety-nine million hours of “direct meditation-videos” have been seen in 2019. 

The analytics tab on your YouTube channel helps you obtain demographic information about your audience. You are advised to monitor demographic details about your audience together with watch time.

Have your subscribers crossed the number of million?

If yes, you should never leave any single comment from the audience unread because it is the only direct way to get information about your audience’s preference and interest. No matter if you have millions of viewers and subscribers, reading your audience comments will help you grow fast and organically. 

Posting a poll or a query in your community will also help you plan your content by providing detailed information about your topic. 

Do you want to plan your content in a way that goes well with your current audience and your future audience? 

Okay then! Here is a tip!

Contrast your audience and audience of other channels and then identify the content your viewers hook up with most to use it to come up with novel video ideas. By following this tip, you would plan content efficiently for both audiences, current and prospected. 

Do Some Research About Your Competitors


You cannot deny the fact that there is cutthroat competition on YouTube. Now the question is how you dominate others or even match the pace of your competitors.

Yes, you got it right!

You need a competitive examination to identify the prospects and challenges of your channel. 

  • For this, the first thing you need to do is to pen down the list of your key competitors on YouTube. Initially, you can choose four to five competitors instead of making a long list of 10 or 20 competitors. 


  • Now let’s move on to the process of making a list of competitors. For this, you can get help from a free keyword planner of Google, which helps you examine the ranks of channels near your channel’s status. You can also get the list of channels by typing in your channel’s keyword because it will filter out the related YouTube channels. 


  • You can also watch competing channels to get hints and technical information about content creation planning. After listing up competitors, you should record their subscribers, comments, number of viewers, and likes to use them as a target. 

One big tip: You should read the comments on your competitors’ channels because it will help you read the audience preferences and likeness.  

Competitive analysis will be incomplete without running a SWOT analysis of your channel. 

What is a SWOT analysis?

It is an analysis through which you will get a real picture of your channel and the position where it stands in the competitive world of YouTube by highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Jot Down Probable Keywords


You have to optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags.

Once you have selected the topic by examining the audience’s interest level, you should move further. The next step is to put down some keywords and ideas relevant to your “topic.” 

  • Google Keyword Planner is an amazing tool to find topics, shows the competitiveness of a keyword phrase, and works great to give you other topic ideas. You can kiss guessing goodbye as it is completely data-based. TubeBuddy is another advanced tool for YouTube research and planning.


  • The search bar of YouTube is one of the widely used search engines. The YouTube algorithm suggests content to meet users’ demands based on the terms and keywords they typed in the search bar. 


  • Thus, before writing a script for your video, you should use this trick of identifying keywords and ideas to be incorporated. You should also make the best use of the autosuggest feature of YouTube, which works the same way Google suggests functions. 

You just need to type a single word in the search bar; loads of pertinent content containing your keywords will appear on the screen. 

The querying content will be frequently and actively used by the internet users and present you with novel ideas to create your script and then video. 

Let me give you a handy tip while making use of the autosuggest feature of YouTube.

While typing in any query or keyword in the search bar, you should type the asterisk, which works as a wildcard and will give your query diversity. 

You should never forget while using the search bar to jot down all ideas and keywords on a “WORD” sheet because, in this way, you will keep a record of every detail.  


Plan a Two Minutes Scene of Your Video

The audience has ample channels to switch to, and only those channels are successful that can grab the audience’s attention from the beginning.  So, the role of engaging the beginning is significant in all kinds of videos. You have generated good content if your video lets the audience stick to your channel for two minutes. 

According to YouTube Creator Playbook tips, the opening minutes of your video define whether your video holds the audience or not. 

Pro Tip: If you are running a medium to advertise your business brand, then never propagate your brand at the beginning of the video. 

Try to open your video with some relatable incidence so that audience will feel an affiliation with it. Once your video gets the flow, then introduce your brand by highlighting what it offers. On the other hand, if your channel is personal instead of business, you should create explicit content so that your audience does not get confused and bored. 

You can excite the audience by creating a hook in the beginning minutes of your video. 

  • A “hook” must be precise but eye-grabbing. 
  • Your “hook” can either be a teaser or a summary. 
  • However, a “teaser” is a better option because visual clips are comparatively more effective. 

Stirring up onlookers’ excitement is one of the essential points you must never overlook as a YouTube channel owner.  Following steps you should take to plan your early two minutes of video:


Create a script outline  

You should create a brief YouTube video outline before shooting your video. Make some bullet points as they are easy and quick to read and remember. Script outline also helps you maintain your focus and never let you go out of words while speaking during video shooting. The outline will also help you see through the weak areas of your content.  


Write a strong script before start shooting a video. 

If you want uninterrupted video shooting, you should write a script. Keep it short and targeted because lengthy writing might distract you from your point and make the audience drop interest.  


Read it aloud in front of the mirror.

It will give you speaking fluency and flow. Retaining the audience to your channel is not easy because they can switch to another channel within the blink of your eye. You make up your mind by reading aloud your script. It also gives you confidence and spontaneity while doing voiceover for your videos.  


Develop a Script before Start Shooting Video


Start an Unboxing Channel on YouTube in 2021- Make Unboxing Videos

In the ten years of my YouTube channel, I have been asking myself:

Should I write a script before shooting for a video?

It might be one of the most frequent and twitching questions for you.  However, I found an answer, and that is:

“Yes, I should write a script before shooting for a video.”

The following question is: 

How to write a useful script for my YouTube video? 

Here are a few guidelines by following which you can write your useful script:


Divide the script into parts

A useful script’s secret lies in its structure: the more thoroughly it is structured, its efficacy is more significant. 

Instead of writing long paragraphs, you are suggested to structure your script into four main parts:

Create a grabbing hook

As mentioned before, the early two minutes decide if the audience will stay at your door or not. You should create a precise, comprehensible, and understandable hook, which will showcase what your onlookers stand to achieve.  For instance,

Today, I am going to tell you tricks to make your YouTube channel excel.

Let’s get started!

Viewers are impatient, and this approach will best serve the purpose as it works as an outline of guarantee that playing this video based on its label and thumbnail design was a good step.


Make a strong introduction. 

You can only develop a substantial introduction by disclosing your identity in a very light but engaging way. Also, explain to them precisely what you have for them in your video. 

Let me explain how you should introduce it.

Hello, my friends,

I am John, and I welcome you to my channel, where you will get detailed information on “How to make your YouTube channel effective?” 


Construct the body of your script  

There is no definite formula for the development of the body of your script, but you can follow a few points to make your body engaging:

  • Begin with three to four points to avoid overpowering your viewers.
  • Explicate each point with the help of relevant examples for the situation where required.
  • Summarize whatever you have shared
  • Add up a call to action by telling your viewers what happens next.


Give a proper ending to the script.

Concluding your video without giving a proper farewell to your viewers is one of the biggest mistakes you make. You must end up your script by exciting your viewers for the next video. 


Don’t rush up

You must have heard that, 

Haste makes waste

Maintain a pace while writing down a script for your video. It would help if you formatted your video script correctly to avoid nuisance while shooting. The video unfolding and crusty control’s balanced pace can help guarantee that the video is trouble-free to tag on. If a strong script backs your video, your video will look more structured.  


Make Your Content Deliverance Fluent And Spontaneous

Are you looking for some tips to make your YouTube video spontaneous? 


Do you want to make your expression fluent while shooting your content for your YouTube channel? 

Get ready! Because you can do it by memorizing the script you have written. Your deliverance and expression both will become impromptu once you learn the main points of the writing. Here are some useful tips by following which you can make your facial expression unprompted.


Write your script with your hands.

Once you have typed your script on Word Doc, the very next thing you should do is to write down its main points with your hands. 

Here you don’t need to type it again because typing will never help you memorize it. On the contrary, you will learn it unnoticeably when you write it on paper with your hand. Your mind will start visualizing whatever you write.  

But remember!

It would help if you wrote the script with your full concentration because only then will your mind develop a connection with your action. 


Practice your script with a partner

Practice will make you perfect, spontaneous, and fluent. You cannot grab attention unless you sound natural, and training will make you sound organic and original. 

Get a partner for yourself to practice your script with. For this purpose, you can seek help from your sibling or your best buddy because your comfort level will help you memorize the content’s main points. 

If you cannot get someone, you can use a rehearsal APP, which works like a partner. You can also read the script aloud in front of a mirror, one of the traditional memorizing ways.  



Develop cue lines

It is hard to remember long paragraphs of the script of your YouTube video. Consequently, you end up with many pauses while shooting, making the footage uninteresting and inorganic. 

Novelty and originality always attract the audience. To make an original masterpiece for your YouTube channel, you should make a few cue lines. These cue lines will help you deliver your lines on time and promptly. 




Video length 

Are you a “noob” creator on YouTube?

Do you want to know what should be an ideal video length before launching your first YouTube video?

Undoubtedly, video length is one factor that plays a role in making video content exciting and engaging. Still, it is not the only factor that defines the quality of video content. 

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the suitable length of the video, so you should keep it as long as it maintains the interest and as small as it excites the audience. The size of the video is also based on the kind of information you want to give. 

According to one research, 6-12 minutes is the length after which the engagement level starts decaying. If your content goes beyond 12 minutes, it is better to divide the video into two parts to get complete audience attention. 

But remember! This formula of content division into two videos is only useful if,

Your first part should end at the point where audience interest would be at its peak. 


Maintain the flow of your video

Not every video maker effectively maintains the flow of his video, which make audience retention difficult. If a song is not rhymed well, you cannot enjoy it. On the same footing, content without a flow is unable to grab attention. Flow is only maintained with quick point-to-point planning. 

The quick flow keeps up the momentum of your video by removing unwanted details. You cannot engage your audience with your video by giving them prolonged and unnecessary information. 

Let me explain it with an example:

Suppose you want to vlog your family trip to Safari. You can make an ideal video where it presents your experiences related to the flight and hotel. The audience expects entertainment with a bonus of information from your Safari vlog, not just plain boring information. The uniqueness of your experience has to amuse them. No one is interested in the trip’s boring details, but the feeling of association and relatedness of your family with their family will make them stick to your channel. 

You have to earn the audience’s devotion to your content’s originality and flow because it is very impatient and switches channels within a few seconds. Make your video worth-seeing for your audience by counting every second of it in a swift flow. 

  • Suppose your channel is in the initial stage of development. In that case, you should be very critical and selective while compiling all the video clips and finalizing the final cut for your video. 


  • You should not hesitate to delete any clip if it is not making any contribution to your video. You cannot make your audience fool by inserting unnecessary video clips while editing only to maintain the video’s length. The audience only buys quality material because they consume a handsome amount of time watching your video.  

However, once you successfully attract a handsome number of viewers, you will get some freedom to include even ludicrous shots. Always watch your video as a viewer of your video before uploading it on your channel. Only then can you maintain the flow of your video. 


Develop Connection with Your Audience



To make your content engaging, you need to develop connectedness with your audience by making videos close to their real lives.  If you are a brand, you should not make the mistake of advertising your products straightforwardly. Instead of this, you should initially include real-life experiences to grab the audience’s attention. 

  • If you successfully attain the audience’s attention, you should connect your content with your different social media accounts. Give the bits of your YouTube video content on your Instagram. For example, you can post pictures of your safari trip on your Instagram. A glimpse of your YouTube content will attract more audience from Instagram.  


  • Your content should also contain information about your email and phone number so that people can reach you personally and you can respond to them quickly. Incorporate their suggestions by refining your content so that they will feel more connected to your channel. 


  • You should also respond to the audience’s comments regarding your content on different social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. In this way, you will get users’ attention to social media accounts and improve your content through their suggestions and ideas. 

It is not hard to make the audience like your YouTube content, but the real target to be achieved through your content is to plan for them to start liking you and your YouTube channel’s overall experience. And this is only possible when you start interacting with them on all famous social media platforms and discuss their comments about your YouTube videos’ content. 

Pro Tip: This interaction will also develop your own small but well-integrated community on different social media platforms. It will help when you get short of ideas for creating novel content for your new videos.  

Connecting with your audience through social media platforms is essential for your YouTube channel’s growth and sustenance. 


Plan Your Shooting Around Editing

The YouTube content plan is incomplete without including the shooting process, which revolves around lighting, adjusting camera angles, and many more that. Planning your shoot about editing means you should plan up your video in a way that facilitates the editing process

Here are some tips for planning your shoot around editing:

  • Write a script for your video as it helps you finish your video shooting in a few takes. 
  • Make 5 minutes of test footage before start recording. It will help you focus on details, such as audio quality, lighting, and more.
  • Keep track of your takes by using clapperboard, which also helps you synchronize video and audio. 
  • Record several takes of vital lines.


Add Some Information Bits To Your Content.

No matter what kind of channel you run, business, lifestyle, or informative, it will not click unless its content contains information bits. Before devising a content plan, always ask a few questions:

  • Why do viewers stand by your channel?
  • Is your content adding value to their life?
  • Why do you want comprehensive planning of content before shooting?

Structuring content to get answers to these questions will help you develop your planning skills. Information bits that are not planned or structured well and timely will give you no benefit. 

Proper time and placement of each information bit are necessary to achieve optimal results. For this, watching other YouTube channels will help you learn the appropriate order of information bits. 


Bonus Round: Spend Some Time Watching Channels Related To Your Channel


Do you want to make the process of your content planning enjoyable? 

Of course, you want it because you can plan while you enjoy the entire process. If your channel represents your brand or business or you own a personal YouTube channel, in both cases watching YouTube videos is a significant addition to your knowledge about YouTube content planning for your YouTube channel. 

  • You should consume a substantial amount of time watching videos that are trending on YouTube. Whether the videos are related to your channel or not, you should watch them get novel ideas about the content, structure, and other techniques to grab the audience.  


  • YouTube videos work like a tutorial that helps novice and expert channel holders with innovative ideas and techniques to produce enchanting videos based on engaging content.  


  • If you think watching YouTube videos that are trending is a waste of time, you are gravely mistaken. It is a way of learning the art of creating a good content plan for your channel. You will also get to know stuff that you must avoid.

An essential tip while watching YouTube videos: You should note down the related points and techniques while watching YouTube channels. For instance, what was the time length of each video? What special effects were used in the videos? How they structured the entire video? 


How to Create YouTube Content?

How Many Views Do I Need To Make Money On YouTube?

Now, you know how to plan a YouTube video.

There are no definite rules for creating a content plan for a YouTube channel. However, by following the tips shared in this article, you can make a precise plan. You cannot master all the information, but you can try to achieve efficiency in creating a content plan effectively. 

The practice is the only key, which makes you learn the art of content planning. 

Creating a content plan for the YouTube channel is not a cakewalk or child’s play but a restorative procedure to maintain your channel’s health in the competitive YouTube world. It is an effective way of shooting and producing engaging content for your channel. 

Do you still want to shoot your video without creating an effective content plan?

Probably, after going through this piece of writing, you must have made up your mind to develop a content plan before shooting a new video for your channel. 

Get ready to invest in your time and resource in content planning?  

Today’s time investment will pay you back in the long-run by improving your channel’s video content quality. 

Also, visit this site for more information about Channel ideas:  Channel Ideas for Youtube.